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Journeyman III

2 Monitor problem

Sorry for the title, was the best I could come up with.

Anyways, let me explain my situation and my HOPEFULLY temporary solution I have right now.

So I have 2 monitor. One is a true computer monitor and the other is just a TV. One is connected through VGA (Or DVI I never remember) and the TV is connected to HDMI. It was all going amazingly until one day, I played GTA Online fullscreen (Or fullscreen windowed I don't remember which one it was this day) when I went to the desktop to do stuff. It just blacked out. My monitor freezed for about 10 second while my TV had extremely weird color and then it just blacked out. I could only press the power button to close it and then turn it on again and now, it took my TV as my main screen (Which I don't want) and as my monitor, it just didn't exist anymore for him. Like even if I used my TV to go into the setting, it just couldn't detect anymore my monitor. Altough, when I turn on my computer, it show for a brief second the usual Window and Lenovo logo onto my main monitor, so I know for a fact that it is still working. Right now, here's my solution that I need to do each time I boot my computer. I need to unplug the HDMI while the computer is turned off, then turn on my computer and replug the HDMI back in. At this point, it is STILL not resolved. For some reason, AMD Eyefinity turn on and I need to disable it to go back to normal.

Please help me on this one I seriously don't want to do this every time I open my computer.

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Proceed at your own risk. This might help you, but I'm not some guru, I can't guarantee anything.

Open regedit, got to:


There you will see a list of keys, it might be longer or shorter than this, but will look something like this:


Each one of those entries represents a different monitor configuration. Every time you switch resolutions, plug in or unplug a monitor, it will remember that configuration. If one day you set one monitor to 900p60 and a second to 720p120, it will be in the list. If you switched one monitor from DP to HDMI, it will make another entry in the list.

So, right click on the "Configuration" key, select export, and save it somewhere. If you want to restore these keys later, double click on the file you just exported. Now delete the "Configuration" key.

Right below it is "Connectivity" key. It also has a similar list. Do the same process, export then delete.

Now turn off the PC, then unplug your TV, and reboot. PC should have your main monitor as primary now. Now plug in your TV.

You will have to arrange the monitors again how you like them, since you just deleted all the configurations. But hopefully the issue is solved.

It worked, thank you !