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Journeyman III

xbox code

I bought the amd ryzen 5 3400g it arrived on May 6, 2020 but amazon never sent me the code, I asked them and they told me that the 3400g did not come with the offer from my cell phone and seeing it from my cell phone and on the computer was the offer What I can do

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Re: xbox code

Here are the Terms & Conditions for your AMD Promotions:

So you purchased a qualified AMD Processor during the AMD Promotional period.

Need to open an AMAZON Support ticket and find out why they didn't send you the XBOX Code. Also need to find out if the AMAZON Retailer where you purchased it was part of the AMD Promotion.

If Amazon doesn't send you an XBOX code then you are out of luck. Because ONLY the Retailer participating in the AMD Promotion can give you the code. AMD can't give the code only the Retailer.

Other Users have complained about Amazon not giving out the codes in the past. You need to talk to an Amazon Supervisor to see what is going on.