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Journeyman III

X-570 won't read my storage

I'm not super experienced in PCs, but I know enough to build my own. So when I build mine using all new parts, I was surprised to see that my, while my motherboard can see them in BiOS, for some reason, it cannot use , format or touch my NVME m.2 drive or my hard drive , only using my SSD. Is there anything anyone can think of that may be causing this problem, or at least how to maybe fix it?
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Without any information on your computer hardware such as Make & Model of your hardware and Windows version installed I would just be guessing.


The actual board itself is an X-570 A pro board and I'm running windows 10. The 2 drives that it can't read would be a 250gb WD NVME drive and a 2tb Seagate drive.