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Windows users face massive update bloat

win10 update grow

And it's not any better for Windows 7 people either:

In fact, Microsoft expects that Windows 7’s updates, like those for Windows 10, will get bigger.

“The rollups will start out small, but we expect that these will grow over time to something close to the convenience roll-up size,” said Nathan Mercer, a Microsoft product marketing manager, in the August announcement of the change to Windows 7’s update scheme.

The “convenience roll-up” Mercer mentioned was about 477MB in size (for the 64-bit version). Microsoft issued the roll-up in May.

In another answer, Mercer got more specific. “Eventually [the Windows 7] Monthly Roll-up will grow to around the 500MB size,” he said.

This is even more insane than the ever growing Crimson driver packages.

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Big Boss
Big Boss

Re: Windows users face massive update bloat

actually depending on what is already installed will reduce the overall download components needed

the rollup is for clean installs which are common with the problems seen in their insider test program

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