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Adept II

Re: windows 11

I had no idea who Steve Dispensa was until now. But apparently he's a Microsoft chairman. He wrote:

"The chipset requirement is based on a bunch of factors, including supportability, capabilities, quality, and reliability so we can ensure everyone has a great experience. We're working on a blog post with more info, coming soon."

Original source is here:

[On a side note, why do people take time to create screenshots of these Twitter posts? Twitter posts can't be edited. They worry that the author might remove the post or what? They have a need to prove someone wrong or something, so they collect images as evidence? I think it's silly, and it takes time to create those screenshots, for no good reason. These people are not lousy politicians. They don't try to revise history by modifying or retracting their Twitter posts. No normal person does that. No need to take screenshots. That post is still visible on Twitter as of now, five days later. Anyway...]

[Back on topic!] Here's my experience of Windows 11!

1. I'm a Windows Insider so I got the offer to install it via Windows Update.

2. Trying to install it made the PC Health Bla Bla app tell me (very specifically) that TPM was not support on my PC and therefore the installation was stopped.

3. I don't have a discrete TPM installed, but I have a Core i7 8700 processor with PTT support. So I enabled firmware TPM in UEFI. I just flip a single setting from "Discrete" to "Firmware" and save the changes. PC shuts down once, powers up, shuts down another time, powers up, then boots up. (I have no idea why it goes down twice, it's normally only done once when saving major changes.)

4. Try one more time! Yup, Windows 11 is downloading and installing.

5. Reboot. Booting up... GSOD! Green Screen Of Death! No specific STOP code, just the sad face ":(" and some bla bla text to fill the screen with.

6. Auto rebooted. "Undoing changes made to your computer".

7. I'm back in my normal Windows 10 on Dev branch (build 21390.2025).

8. I reboot and enter UEFI interface and flip back the TPM setting from "Firmware" to "Discrete" and save.

9. I boot up, then I check Windows Update and it starts pulling down Windows 11 once again. **bleep** you Windows! Or so I thought. I allowed it to finish. It did its PC Health bla bla, and surprise, surprise, it did not complain about lack of TPM this time around!? OK... I though. I allowed it to finish installing.

10. Reboot. Tada! I'm in Windows 11. Without TPM!? How is that possible? Maybe it's holding a choke grip on my Intel processor to deliver the firmware goods. Or it simply made some registry change that has been preserved between my on-off switching between discrete TPM and firmware TPM (this is an actual hack you can do, it's been documented). More importantly! No GSOD this time around!

Total Out-of-body experience!

I used Windows 11 for maybe 2 hours. I could not bare to use it longer, before I rolled back to good old Windows 10, even if it's worse incarnations with these ugly looking icons with no support for thumbnails on top of folders that contain images.

I mean Windows 11 was worse still! My productivity was kicked to the curb, and my entire desktop "experience" was turned into TV news reception antenna on one hand – so I can know what's happening in the politics of a country I don't live in – and a call center on the other hand – so I can invite colleagues and "friends" over to disturb and distract me from important work.

Windows 11 is all about the looks. So you can look fabulous while not doing a **bleep** thing. For starters, the start button is in the middle of the monitor, as if it's a phone and not a computer. Thankfully it can be moved back to the left corner where it was previously. In addition, all my pinned apps were removed from the start menu. My second monitor lost its  taskbar. I was able to restore that. All app buttons on the taskbar are now displayed as icons. Labels have been stripped away. There was no option to restore that. I can't stand looking a at a long and empty taskbar where I can have my apps labeled. Just so someone can be impressed by how cute and clean or tidy my desktop is?

For me... Windows 11 is a no no no. No! I will not be missing this till year 2025 when Windows 10 support is ending.

Adept II

Re: windows 11

You may also find this page helpful:

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Journeyman III

Re: windows 11

I am using ryzen 3 2200g and I signed up for the windows insider program,it showed it wasn't compatible in the start ,but now it installed windows 11


Re: windows 11

The Version of AMD Radeon Software You Have Launched Is Not Compatible with Your Currently Installed AMD Graphics Driver