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Journeyman III

Why does AMD Adrenalin want factory reset for downloading?

Why does the software want factory reset at download?

What does it affect? Only GPU or the whole system?

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Here is how you go about updating to a new version of Adrenalin:

1) Download DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller)

2) Download the newest Adrenalin Software

3) Disconnect from the Internet

4) Boot into Safe Mode (I do it via MSCONFIG)

5) Run DDU to get rid of the existing Adrenalin Software

6) Reboot

7) Reboot back into normal Windows mode

Install latest AMD Adrenalin Software

9) After a successful installation, reconnect to the Internet

It used to be that you could choose "Factory Reset" from the "Additional Options" screen when you first start the installation; however, due to Micro$haft launching its own updates whenever it **bleep** well pleases, it would corrupt Windows when the Windows update coincided with a Factory Reset installation of the Adrenalin Software.

For this reason AMD no longer gives you that option.

There has been options on newer drivers for some time

This OP post seems to be an exact copy from another user the other day?



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The option for a Factory Install of the Adrenalin drivers has been disabled for the last two releases.  Hopefully, AMD will implement something so we can get it back.