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Adept I

who is watching the motherboard makers

The reason I am asking the question has to do with a YouTube channel I watch. This channel is showing a computer tech with 25 years in the business. He provides service to his business clients as well as consumers. Recently he built three AMD Ryzen machine for his personal use and each machine was experiencing difficulty. He is not pointing the finger at AMD but at the motherboard manufactures. Using his 25 years’ experience he feels the chip set on these motherboards are not up to standards. AMD needs to take more control in dealing with the manufactures.  Any comments?

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It is rare for AMD to evict manufacturers from their list, though they did it with GPU partners before. The chipset isn't the issue because most all "chipset" functions were integrated onto the CPU itself, but a faulty motherboard design, especially in the very low budget end parts, can cause issues even with reputable manufacturers.


MSI has been fairly good in my shop, they at least realize that a motherboard may be in use for a long time.