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Adept I

What was your First AMD Processor----

Mine was Sempron

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im old 486Dx2-66

I had the exact same CPU, 486DX2-66

Journeyman III

I don't have one yet, but am looking to make the switch to upgrade my rig soon!

Adept III

I had an Intel Socket 7 200Mhz CPU but wanted something faster. I thinks I bought an AMD K6-II 266MHz CPU to replace it. Later I bought an AMD K6-III 350MHz CPU.

Journeyman III

I built a computer just after college with a K6.  I've built several machines in the past, all with AMD processors.  Since then I've been lucky enough to come across some very nice pre-built computers with AMD processors, my ZT Sys. AMD Phenom II X4 Processor 945 (3.0GHz) AMD 780V / SB700 chipset 8GB DDR2 SDRAM memory lasted 12 years.  It limped to the end but with a SSD drive, it was tolerable.  Finally replaced it with this recent build AMD Ryzen 7 5700G. 

My first AMD processor was the FX8350 Black Edition. I still am running it on an older gaming unit. I still rocks for an older processor with a R9 290x GPU

My first Processer was a Ryzen 7 1800X.

bought it as part of a bundle with a motherboard.

I was born into the INTEL age. my first AMD Processor wasn't until Ryzen 7 1700. later in my PC building moments. 
But the first GPU I bought was the old Radeon 4770. 
currently i'm rocking the 5600g and a rx 6600xt until i can afford to replace that CPU with a faster AMD CPU.

I also started with the K6 series. Wasn't really all that aware of the difference between AMD & Intel at the time. Didn't really become a fan until the K6-2 came out and I was a little more informed about what was what in the CPU game. Ever since the K6-2 series all my PCs have been based on AMD chips.

Journeyman III

My first was a Sempron 2000+ about 2005.currant one is a FX8350. Looking to build a new computer when video cards start selling for the actual smrp.


AMD K6-2 233

And I've only JUST NOW found out its codename was "Chompers" Lol I can't believe I never knew this! Great name.

/sig Fun guy.
Journeyman III

Phenom II X6 1075T

Adept II


Artificial intelligence is no match for human stupidity.

5X86 was my first home build and she was fast for her day.   What a far cry from the 5950x in my current system.

It was the 1.3 or 1.4 dual core I believe. Built it from scratch as a first timer. 

Journeyman III

AMD A8. Totally worth the update!!!  

Adept I

K6-2 450 MHz

I was playing mostly  titles like diablo 2, warcraft 2, and unreal 

Adept I

486 66 dx

An hpnotebook 2015? I think with a ryzen (not to sure what they used back then) with integrated graphics too

Adept III

AMD K6 was my first AMD build. I first tuned in to the internet from a home computer in 1982 or 1983 with a Commodore 64. Connected to Compuserve with a dial up modem like the one in War Games (the movie) and for storage I had the classic 5.25 floppy. The 5.25 floppy was a big upgrade from the tape drive(my first home storage hardware). When I started with AMD, I stuck with them for my personal computers.  Lost track of how many computers I have actually built but well over 100. AMD brought personal computers to the average joe from a hobby stand point. Tech sort of exploded when AMD threw their hat in the ring with  Intel and Apple.

Adept I

An Athlon XP... don't remember the Model Number as it was 20 years ago! 

Journeyman III

A K6-2 @350 Mhz..

Shortly after getting it I upgraded to a K6-2 @ 500 Mhz.

Gotta love those good old days where a processor clocking at .5 Ghz was considered to be smokin' fast!

Adept II

FX 6100 in a pre-built Best Buy HP. Used until 12/17!

Adept I

My first computer (not a family PC) was a hand me down AMD Duron.  I think it was a 600 or 650mhz. 

Adept III

Athlon 900mhz bought in 2000, i think. It blew away the intel competition intel Pentium II or III. The PC was solid for like 5 years, good chip.

Journeyman III

Ryzen 5 1600!

Adept I

my 1st true AMD was AM386.

My 1st AMD manu chip was an am286 licensed from intel

How old were you when you got that 286?


I had a Packard Bell knock off called Arch Rival 12 Mhz Turbo 286 no idea if it was blue or red with a 40 MB Hard drive, my dad left pictogram post it notes of keyboard instructions for DOS on the monitor so I could play AForce in 2.1. I was 4yrs old.  learned the mouse in MS Paint.

Adept I

K6-2 300, then K6-3 450 - fantastic processors.  Prior to that Cyrix 6x86MX PR233


an AMD 386SX 20MHz.  Installed 2 - 5.25" FDD and a 15"CRT.  Don't remember the motherboard I used.  

I discovered how to overclock it to 25MHz.



Adept I

I'm not exactly sure, but it was probably a 386DX40.   I started with an 80286 with 12MHz (I don't remember the manufacturer.

Later I still had these processors:
486DX2 66 Mhz; 
486DX4 (100 or 120 MHz ?);
AMD K5 100 MHz;
Athlon Thunderbird 1,2 GHz;
Athlon XP 1700+;
Athlon 64 X2 4400+;
Phenom 2 X4 965;
FX 8320e;
Ryzen 5 2600
and now Ryzen 5 5600X 

Maybe I've forgotten a few. Thanks for the nice journey through time.


Ryzen 5 5600 X / MSI MECH2x RX 6750 XT / MSI B550 Gaming Plus / 32 GB DDR4 @3200 MHz
Journeyman III

Mój pierwszy procesor AMD Sempron 3000+ Socket 754,Chyba 2003 r


AMD K6-2 .. but I forget what speed it was

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I for sure had a K5 but I can't remember if that was my first.

Edit: Actually looking at wikipedia I probably had a AM5x86 first. That model looks familiar.

Which one had that turbo button on the case with the little display next to it showing the MHz. Think that went from 100 to 133 or something.

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Ryzen 7000 or Intel 13700K depends on pricing in near future

Journeyman III

My first AMD Processor was AMD Ryzen 5 34500 3.6 GHZ and Now i have AMD Ryzen 9 3900X Processor.


I had a wonderful Phenom X6 1100T a wayz back, first but fuzzy recollection of an AMD CPU I'd owned was the AXP 2800+ Barton on an Abit NF7-S and it was a beast in its days. Had the FX 8350 too, though it was a disappointment in terms of gaming performance. Right now, sitting on a Ryzen R9 5900X in my main rig, will be building a SFF rig with my spare R9 3900X.

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Adept II

Athlon Palomino and 386