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Journeyman III

What's PROMONTORY 1.05V current requirement of PRO565? In CRB Artic is 7A, In doc#56574 is 5.5A. Please help clarify.

What's PROMONTORY 1.05V current requirement of PRO565? In CRB Artic is 7A, In doc#56574 is 5.5A. Please help clarify.


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Speaking of clarifying, you need to add a whole bunch of details to your post. Googling PRO565 shows a gas oven. "CRB Arctic" shows ski stuff. "Promontory" shows definition for word.

Lol, I had the same exact results trying to figure out what Promontory or Pro565 or CRB Artic or Doc# 56574 was. Couldn't find any type of hardware or software related to those terms.

Given the current is coming from the regulators I would not worry too much.

Just make sure all the EPS12V cables are properly connected so there is adequate power to supply the regulators.

Recent PCH logic from AMD for PCIe 4.0 needs about 10W which is why there is active cooling. The others are less power hungry and are fine with passive cooling.


So what the OP is asking about is the Promontory Chipset of a motherboard similar to what this quote is explaining about:

"The Promontory chipset is powered by an internal microcontroller that manages the chip's various hardware peripherals. Its built-in USB controller is primarily based on ASMedia ASM1142, which in turn is based on the company's older ASM1042. In our assessment, these controllers, which are commonly found on motherboards made by Taiwanese OEMs, have sub-standard security and no mitigations against exploitation. They are plagued with security vulnerabilities in both firmware and hardware, allowing attackers to run arbitrary code inside the chip, or to re-flash the chip with persistent malware. This, in turn, could allow for firmware-based malware that has full control over the system, yet is notoriously difficult to detect or remove. Such malware could manipulate the operating system through Direct Memory Access (DMA), while remaining resilient against most endpoint security products."

Learn something new every day.

Now can someone explain what PRO565 is and how it is used on the motherboard?


The old ASM1042 provided USB 3.0 on older platforms. My old M5A990FX had one of them on it but that board did not last long. The MSI 970 lasted longer than 3 Asus boards. I believe the old ASM1042 was under 3W.

The ASM1142 provies USB 3.1 and is an updated version of the ASM1042 which supported USB 3.0. It uses probably about the same 3W.

Both are PCIe to USB logic can be seen on motherboards and add-in cards