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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

what is north and south bridges in motherboard??


what is north and south bridges in motherboards??

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Re: what is north and south bridges in motherboard??

Hello riteshkakkar,

North Bridge is the chip connecting towards the processor directly, if you place the motherboard with the processor socket up and PCI-E slots down, then two main chips could be seen obviously. Like something on the map, the upper one is pointing to north, and the down to the south. The South Bridge chip places below the North Bridge and connect with it directly, and extends the connection towards the peripheral devices. But that is the story written into history, North Bridge has already integrated into the processor chip since AMD Athlon 64 released in 2003, and the South Bridge is also integrated into processor chip too, like those processors placed onto the AM1 socket.

Best Regards,

Aaron Janagewen