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Adept III
Adept III

What 8gb ddr3 ram will OC to 2100mhz or 2400mhz on an amd fx 8350 cpu asrock 970m pro3 mobo?

*Note skip to the bottom if you dont wish to read the background info on why I need to upgrade. Read it if you are an avid pverwatch fan having fps issues.

I am looking to upgrade my ram speed since my 1600mhz stick is bottlenecking my system in overwatch and making my cpu do way too much work to compensate for low ram speeds.

Just to produce some benchmarks I made to show ram speed matters: tested on an amd fx 8350 with rx 460 4gb on low settings and on  480p (on 480p resolution to make sure there is no gpu bottleneck, gpu outputs a maximum of 290fps.

Ram is 8gb and on

Ram speed 1334mhz Peak fps 103 (during light load, cpu is at 60% usage)

                                    avg fps 65(cpu usuage at 100%)

                                    min fps 50

                                  *Note is ram speed causes crazy stuttering and makes the game run terrible at any fps number. A solid 30fps is more smooth than the stutery mess it has,

Ram speed 1600mhz: Peak fps 160(cpu usuage is still at 60% during light load, makes sense since ram is bottlenecking cpu)

                                     avg 75(cpu usage 100%, the cpu is overcompensating for the ram speed not being fast enough and is trying to output as much frames as possible with the ram speed)

                                     min 60fps

*Note this ram speed still caused stuttering even if the fps was limited to 60 frames

According to the overwatch forums, users who upgraded to 2100 mhz ram or 2400mhz ram seemed to of managed to achieve fps that their cpu and gpu benchmarks advertised: 64hz tick, and how to gain FPS with new RAM!! - Overwatch Forums

These users have beasty hardware with gtx 1060 and i7 6990k which should run overwatch at 250+fps but they only get 100-120 fps at 1600mhz  ram speed with 100% cpu usage which makes no sense. Well once these users upgraded to 2100mhz+ ram their fps returned to the advertised fps of 200-300fps even during heavy load on an 6990k.

My CPU is advertised to run overwatch at 140 fps average and 110fps min with only 6 of the 8 cores used (overwatch now supports up to 8cores/16 threads)

so I need to upgrade to 2100mhz or 2400mhz just because of the higher bandwidth, ever since the game upgraded the servers to 64hz tick it now causes ram speed bottleneck until 2100-2400mhz ram speed. My 1600mhz ram used to run the game fine with no stuttering when the servers were 20hz tick and did not require so much ram bandwidth.

So I need to find good ram that will 'Overclock' from the standard 1600mhz to 2100-2400mhz on an amd cpu and amd motherboard. Keep in mind even an advertised 2400mhz ram stick will work at 1600mhz until you overclock it to 2400mhz ram. Which is confusing since we normally view the advertised speed as stock speeds.

Also, I need to know if you can overclock ram without an XMP profile because I use an amd cpu.

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