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WCCFTech: Radeon Chill Effectively Replaced FRTC

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" Those wanting to set it to work like FRTC simply set the minimum FPS and Maximum FPS to the same number".

This should be in the 'Help Portal'... answers a lot of the posts written here.


What happens when you set Chill_Min much lower than Chill_Max if you really want to use Chill to save power? 
You need FRTC back if you want to game with VSync off.
Using in game Vsync with Chill = screen tear because Chill causes frame rate spiking.

Also tell me how you use Chill as a FRTC limiter if you are using Radeon Anti-Lag or Radeon Boost?
Answer = you cannot.

If you understand how Chill was implemented in the past  you may understand that I do not think FRTC is removed from the driver at all.

I think the Adrenalin 2020 GUI "designers" simply tied the FRTC slider is  to Chill_Max slider, just like Profile FRTC is tied to Chill_Max in the Adrenalin 2019 GUI.


"the Chill algorithm detects movement intensity from your mouse (or camera control stick on a gamepad) and will ramp the GPU payload to increase the framerates to the target maximum. You stop moving the camera and the GPU will relax to allow the framerate to fall down to the lower limit."

That is wrong - The chill algorithm detects certain keyboard keys, mouse movement, mouse buttons.
Whoever wrote this has been watching too much AMD Marketing Presentations.

Note the long periods of flatlining around 50 FPS mark.
I will place a bet on it that that is the killed Keyboard Only Input FPS. It will be about 52 FPS.
The Spiking up to 75FPS is rapid mouse movement.

The game should run at 75 most of the time and drop to 40 only when no keyboard or mouse input.

The real  message should be, for bad gaming experience, turn on Radeon Chill in Adrenalin 2020.

If the Author still had FRTC independent of Chill_Max they could have set Chill_Min to 40, Chill_Max to 300, and FRTC to 75 and got a much better overall gaming experience. Keyboard only input FPS would be higher.

The message should be, Use Chill in Adrenalin 2019 in combination with Global FRTC for much better performance and experience.

I haven't quite figured out why AMD refuses to re-implement FRTC, a feature they had over nVidia for some time and had nVidia users clamoring for, when nVidia has that option now effectively twice, especially at a time when perception of the Radeon brand is quite likely as low as it's been since the HD 2000 series days, and issues like they've had with Navi is especially devastating these days with social media, especially reddit, being littered with people having issues, not a good sight when Reddit has apparently become the place to get official support...

I am looking for a new, powerful laptop.

I do think that Ryzen 3000 series CPU are finally good enough to replace Intel CPUs because AMD seem to have fixed / improved the Memory Controller so you no longer have to have a PhD in "DRAM Timing" and an RMA in "Returning DRAM" just  to get your PC stable and working with Ryzen 2700X for example. 

I have been using Ryzen 3000 series processors now and I am happy with them.
Well done to AMD.
Those Processors deserve to sell.
Pity there is still a lack of Motherboards with Thunderbolt 3, however that will likely improve.

I was looking forward to see Ryzen 3000 CPU for Laptops.


They are all APUs with Radeon Vega integrated GPU.

This means putting up with Radeon Drivers on your laptop, and likely similar "Vega" experience.

No way.

In addition none of them that I can find for sale have Thunderbolt3 so they could be upgraded to have an eGPU with AMD or Nvidia Discrete Graphics card.

So I will likely be buying a Laptop with an Intel CPU and Nvidia RTX Super GPU.  

In other words, Radeon GPU and Drivers is driving me away from the AMD successful and powerful Ryzen Mobile CPU for laptops.

I am unlikey to be the only person who makes such a decision.

It is sad to see.


Could always get this one (original report in German, but it's easy to figure out). Up to a Ryzen 3950X and RTX 2070 in a mobile chassis.

Thanks. I will take a look.


What I want to know is why are AMD not making sure that Radeon Chill actually gets improved so that it is useable and gives a good gaming experience. It is actually a good technology. They keep doing things to ruin it. Put separate FRTC back, allow user to tweak Keyboard only input FPS.


Can't wait for the next article. "Enhanced Sync never actually worked, why it was always a bad idea....."