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Journeyman III

Warning: Do not do what I did! (Stutters)

My old system ran DCS perfectly without any stutters.  I had an AMD 5900x and a 6900xt GPU.  I had 32GB of ram.  When I saw new tech coming out, like the new 4090 and hearing how its going to be extremely fast.  I figured I would dive right in and prepare myself. 

Firs the new AMD's came out so I got myself the 7900x.  In order to do that I needed a new motherboard and new memory.  I first bought the gigabyte x670 Elite.. Something like that.  Gskill DDR5 6600 running 16GB x 4.  Then I got the MSI Geforce 4090 Trio GPU.  I noticed DCS would just stutter every 30-60 seconds.  I tried everything.  I tried lowering the HZ in Steam, tried closing all other running programs.. I even tried  a clean install of windows 10.  Then I thought, ok maybe its windows 10, so I bought windows 11.  Then I thought, maybe its the motherboard since I cant put the memory into XMP mode.  So I bought a different motherboard, the MSI x670 MEG.  I spent a ton of money just to try and get the only game/sim i play to work.

It runs, you can tell it wants to run perfectly smooth.  I have everything turned up and if I dont do anything but look straight, its running at 144FPS in VR smoothly.  THe machine is a beast.  But when I turn my head, stutter, still at 144fps but that split second stutter..  I am also getting some ghosting when I turn at a high rate.   Never had that before.

I looked up everything on youtube, google search, steam forums and even here.  I noticed that even when im in the Steam home screen i get these purple bars that come up on the performance graph.  Yep, just sitting here doing nothing and I still get the purple bars which in the Steam Home screen causes the stutters.

I have a feeling they havent weeded all the issues out with the memory and CPU yet.  I feel like throwing my PC out the window!  DONT UPGRADE to the next gen yet!  Its full of bugs.

If anyone has suggestions I would appreciate it.  Maybe someone out there has a similar setup without issues or fixed these issues.  Thank you.

Everything in 2d works fine!  I can run Cyberpunk 2k everything turned up to the max no stutters.  This is a VR issue and I dont know if its the new AMD chip or the DDR5.  Watch them all try to blame someone else too.


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Adept III

Do you still have the 6900xt to try out?
If i google "DCS stutters"  i get allot of hits. So there is an issue within the game for sure.
It also seems that some antivirus can cause stutters in this game.

My old PC with the 6900xt in it ran this game perfectly smooth with almost all the settings as high as they could go.  Im not joking.  Until I did a clean install of windows 10, then it started acting like my new one.  Doing the exact same thing.  

I have never even seen reprojection until I did the clean install and build my new PC.  I never knew it existed cause even if I turned the graphics up too high it used to just do a normal stutter as if it was a 2D game.  But now the world lags behind and looks like there's 3-4 of everything until it catches up to my movement.  

Sorry I took so long to respond.  I didn't see any notification anyone responded.  But its still doing the same thing.  I even reinstalled windows 10, then tried 11, then back to 10.  I bought a new VR headset, same issue, I tried all kinds of things, wasting all kinds of money.

Steam couldn't figure it out and neither could DCS.