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Want to buy a Red Devil RX6900xt or any RX6900xt but they are always out of stock on AMDs site

 Here is my story and question :  

I bought my 5700xt about 3 weeks before the 6000 series came out , knowing the 6000 series  was soon be released,but had no choice but to buy the 5700xt as I needed a  graphics card  for profesinal reasons.  The one I want wich is the Red Devil ( as it goes with my theme )  is always out of stock on AMD's site , and the retailers are sclaping at $2500 Canadain and sometimes upto 7000 ,  I can only afford 1300 Canadian max . My Question is :  Is there a way I can pre-order a 6900xt at retail price before Scalpers and shady retails can buy them all up ?

Just to note , For the past 20 years I have always bought AMD products as I find them to be the best , and feel that us gamers and loyal customers should get frist crack at AMD products before they sell-out , I would even pay in advance as I am holding onto the funds till I can get one at retail. I am sure many Gamers who are loyal to AMD that have not been able to attain the 6900xt due to them being out of stock  becasue sclapers would love to be able to pre-order the new graphics cards before they hit the market.

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