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Journeyman III

Want someone that is good with overclocking gpus to help me with my watercooled rx480

So I want to overclock my rx 480 which is water cooled. I am extremely technically inclined but I like things that have predictable outcomes. I just want some advice on what you would do if you had my rig to make the card run hard without failing. I will give an image of my wattman. The cpu currently reaches like 34C at load.

Wattman defualt.png

     Here is the radiator that is just for the gpu to give you an idea of the cooling power.


If you could just kinda explain what I should do with my settings that would be stellar!! Thank you in advance!

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I can show you a picture of the settings I use for my best OC on my RX580. No way you will reach those speeds but it will show you how to move the Wattman settings. You best bet to start with is moving that Power Limit setting all the way to the right, +50.


Pokester, Can you not overclock the memory on the 580, or do you choose not to or is it not effective enough to mess with it on the 580?

wouldn't your target temp of 40c be better at like 60-65c?    On my 480 I would set the target at like 60-65c and the max at like 80-85c think the max was 90c..

My modded 480 I had a while ago, if I remember correctly the max oc I could get was like 1425core and +120 memory..  I used it daily at like 1375core +100 memory..  sold that gpu like over a year ago during the first mining craze..


2000 is the default which is a factory OC already. I can get another 20 on it and that is it. Blue screens after that. I could throw more volts but I don't see it improving frames anyway so no point. Doesn't seem to be bandwidth restricted now.


AMD should have put ddr5x on those 580's..


I'd love to set the max at 90. I think that is supposed to be the limit. The normal base clock of a 580 is 1340. This card is factory OC 1425. I'm running stable at 1460. I can however only set max temp where it is, over 70 and crashes. I can run the card stable up to 1480 but over 1460 the performance starts going backwards again.