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W550 and drivers not working properly.



Hello, Rubin Wolf Boyle here, and I have been having some severe issues with the W5500 workstation graphics card. I have done an amdz report just like you have instructed other people to do so to show you my error. However (refer to image) as soon as I try to attach the amdz report is says "The file type (.txt) is not supported" so do you want me to email you this report instead?

Basically I have built my PC, installed all the drivers, but as soon as my AMD driver installs for my W5500 my computer crashes, loads again, and then stays in a permanent black screen forever. The only I somewhat resolve this is by going into Windows Safe Mode, uninstalling the driver through the device manager and then the computer works *EXCEPT* the display (adapter) is running through Windows Basic Display Adapter which means I cannot work (through ArchiCAD) or play video games.

What do I need to do to resolve this issue?

Thanks so much for your help and time,


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Yes, please copy and paste here or try to save it as HTML