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Journeyman III

Threadripper Gen 1 / 2 availability

It is a weird question not sure if it is right forum but does anyone have any idea if Threadripper Gen 1 / 2 will be available 2020 and beyond? I am considering making threadripper based system but sadly gen 3 cost too much and gen 1 / 2 would be ideal considering their price has gone down since launch?


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I checked Amazon (USA) and they sell both the Threadripper 2950X ($590.00) and the Threadripper 1950X ($600.00)

Newegg (USA) also are selling them but almost double in price. Threadripper 2950X ($910.00) and Threadripper 1950X ($800.00)

So depending on where you live you can check both Amazon and Newegg.

Also Ebay sells them from used to new. There some for less than $300.0 while others are around the same price as Amazon or Newegg depending on the model you are interested in purchasing.


I wouldn't count on TR 1st and 2nd gens being generally available much longer.  At this moment, the only TR in stock at Newegg is a 1950X.

I'm holding out hope that AMD recognizes the mistake they made with TR 3rd generation, and starts TR 4th generation (Zen 3) at 16 cores as most.  The OEM-only versions (which go down to 12 cores for TR 2nd generation) just don't count.

They lost a lot of sales by starting at 24 cores and $1400.  But they're so constrained by wafer availability now that I'm not sure that fact is even relevant just yet. 

I'm hoping they'll start TR 4th generation (Zen 3) at about 12 cores and ~$600.  I've held off on TR 2nd generation because of the $2000+ entry fee ($1400 for the processor, $600+ for a new motherboard), and now there seems to no longer be any stock regardless.  If TR3 doesn't come a bit further back down to earth, it's going to create an even larger gap in the market for real computers (~20 PCIe lanes are the makings of a toy computer, not a real one).