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Technical issues delaying AIB Vega cards; MSI "won't be making a custom card anytime soon"

Somehow I think that having a 400w card made by Might Suddenly Implode would be a bad idea anyway...,35514.html

XFX and Sapphire confirmed that they both have custom boards in the works, but they could not say when they might be ready. PowerColor said that it will have its own custom cards, with mass production scheduled for the beginning of November, but it hasn't yet received the DRAM it needs. (VisionTek didn’t immediately reply to our queries about their future offerings.)

AMD also has partnerships with Asus, Gigabyte, and MSI to build Radeon graphics cards, but these three companies don’t have exclusive deals with AMD. As such, they aren’t driven by necessity and have the luxury of choosing which components to support. We spoke with all three companies, and their responses indicated that their support for the Vega architecture is less definitive than AMD’s exclusive partners.

We already knew that Asus is on board with Vega. The company announced in August that it would be releasing a pair of ROG Strix Vega cards with Asus’ custom cooling solution. Asus confirmed that those cards are still coming, although the release date has been pushed back from September to early October.

Although a Gigabyte rep said it’s likely that the company would be producing a custom Vega card, they would not or couldnot confirm with 100% certainty that it will. If it does, we likely won’t see it until the end of the year, or later.

MSI’s response surprised us. The company traditionally offers re-engineered graphics cards with custom PCB designs for all high-end GPU platforms, but it appears to be skipping the Vega lineup. A company representative told us that MSI “won’t be making a custom card anytime soon,” but could offer no additional information.

vaporx​ and xfxsupport​ you two are official liaisons, anything to add to this report?

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