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Steam Earned an Estimated $4.3B in 2017, but Benefits Flow to Handful of Titles

"Valve, as a private company, doesn’t have to disclose its earnings, governance, or a great deal of other information about its own operation. Luckily, there’s third-party analytic firms like SteamSpy to fill in the gap. According to Sergey Galyonkin, the firm — which rose to fame with games like Half-Life and Team Fortress 2, and which now controls the overwhelming majority of the PC digital download space — earned a massive $4.3B in 2017, $800M more than the estimated $3.5B it earned through the same period in 2016. While SteamSpy’s figures can’t account for every bit of revenue Valve might have earned, the data it’s missing from DLC and microtransactions only understate the true size of Valve’s giant."

"At first glance, this data seems to be nothing but good news for PC gaming, which has often chafed under reports that it’s a fraction the size of the console market. But there’s another issue: The profits overwhelmingly flow to a bare handful of titles. PUBG was always going to be a major heavyweight in 2017, but it hauled in $600M in revenue — dwarfing the earnings of the second-highest selling game, CS: Go, at $120 million. GTA V was in third place, at $83 million. Call of Duty: World War II came in fourth place, with $41 million in earnings from 840,000 copies sold. Of the Top 20 games, seven were released before 2017, including Civilization VI, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, Rainbow Six Siege, Dark Souls III, and Rocket League. Rounding out the Top 20? Cuphead, with 1.3 million sales and revenue of $22 million."

Article > Steam Earned an Estimated $4.3B in 2017, but Benefits Flow to Handful of Titles - ExtremeTech

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