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Searching for Assistance in Escalating Issue Hyper-V in Windows 1903+

Hello All,

I am running into a heck of an issue, and I believe it is AMD-related.  The issue, in particular, is related to using Hyper-V in Windows 10, starting with 1903.

The problem is that BSODs will occur randomly while the machine is left unattended, resulting in a bugcheck that points to what is called a Synthetic Watchdog Timeout.

I have been on numerous forum boards and have gotten zero solutions to this problem.  Some brave souls have attempted to assist, but nothing substantiative has resulted in fixing this issue. 

The only way to fix this issue thus far is to restore back into 1809 where zero BSODs occur and everything works wonderfully as expected.

However, at some point, 1809 will become unsupported so this is starting to light a fire of anxiety under me.

My hunch is that it is AMD-related.  FWIW I am using a Ryzen 2700x (which is amazing, btw).  And in fact, I am not even 100% sure it is AMD-specific, except that a comment was made on one of the forums I reached out to that BSODs were occurring.

So, I am reaching out here to maximize awareness.  My hope is that perhaps a representative of AMD can reach out to the Hyper-V group and see if they can identify fix this problem.  I am not sure if that is even possible, but again I am to the point of desperation and hope is all I have.

Here are some resources that provide more information:

Synthetic Watchdog Timeout: What is a Bug Check 0x1CA: SYNTHETIC_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT – Ask Bob 

The reported issue to MSFT directly: 


Technet 1:

Technet 2 (The first one was moved without explanation so had to create another): BSOD on Hyper-V Host after Upgrading to 1903 

Twitter Thread: Mike-EEE on Twitter: "Are there any #HyperV resources in my #MSFT network? I and a few others are ru... 

Any guidance/recommendations/connection/pointers would be greatly appreciated!

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