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Journeyman III

Sapphire Reference 6900 XT Schematics [Broken Resistors]


I have a card with resistors that have been broken off. I am in dire need of the schematics of this card. I know I am very fortunate to even have purchased this card and have been looking high and low of how to fix this. 

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Re: Sapphire Reference 6900 XT Schematics [Broken Resistors]

Can't help you with a schematic, but can you post a picture of the area in question?


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Adept III

Re: Sapphire Reference 6900 XT Schematics [Broken Resistors]

Not a schematic, but you can see the entire PCB in pictures here:

You may take an image from there and mark what's been broken off - maybe people will tell what model resistors you need to replace. 

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Re: Sapphire Reference 6900 XT Schematics [Broken Resistors]

GPU Manufacturers will never give Users or Customers a GPU schematic. That is not for public viewing.

Best thing to do is try to locate another trashed or broken GPU card that uses the same components and canobalize it. Most likely any 6000 Series GPU card will have the same electronic components.

But the best advice I can give is send it to a Computer Repair center and have them repair for you. Ask Sapphire how much it would cost to repair your GPU Card.

Since the resistors have been broken off that will automatically void the Sapphire Warranty but they can still repair the GPU but will charge you.

Since that is a GPU card that cost in excess of $1000.00 it would be economical to pay to have it repaired.

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