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Adept I

RX 6800 XT poor performance, lousy to play.

My system is:
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
GPU: AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT
RAM: 32 GB
POWER: 1200 W

Problems since I switched from GPU from Nvidia RTX 2070 SUPER to AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT:
- AMD Software points out that all games are incompatible and that my system does not meet the minimum requirements, it says that upgrading to a higher GPU is not supported either.
- COD Cold War consumes 80% of the allocated VRAM, however the GPU consumes 100% of the VRAM delivering low FPS, lags and game restarts
- DIRT 5 which is a game sponsored by AMD, freezes when everything is in Ultra, black screen, the game closes.
- FIFA 21 visual errors in game animations, sometimes a black line appears in the middle of the game
The solutions adopted, none worked:
- I reinstalled the updated driver
- I reinstalled the stable past driver
- Reinstalled, cleaning the drivers with AMD Cleauputility
- I cleaned the drivers with DDU
- I updated the BIOS
- Windows 10 and security always up to date
Nothing works, problems continue.

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Adept I

We have very similar systems.

I'm running an R9 3900x with a Sapphire Nitro + RX 6800XT video card and am very happy with it.

Beyond what you list as already having done.   Have you checked with your manufacturer for an updated bios for the video card itself?   Just something to consider.


I have the AORUS B550 Master AMD Socket AM4 motherboard with the BIOS updated to its latest version F13h, my GPU is also AORUS RX6800XT but the problems persist.


I noticed crap performance in forza earlier today using the game recommended settings.  Hitching frames and all.   I updated everything to max settings 120hz refresh and 1440p for my monitor all ultra and motion blur off because i hate that and it performed much better.   Oddly my settings were too low.   

Might be a reach but figured I would share.   


this all driver on videocard

my 5700 xt also suffers from low fps 1.5 year....already with this problem and amd not fix this (

I am sorry that I took the rx 5700 xt - it would be better if I took the 2070 super


change your card - before it's too late


I hope you removed the nvidia drivers before installing the rx 6800 xt (preferably using DDU and the installation of a new video card item)? Is it possible to check the card on another PC? If there are no problems on another PC, there may be some files left from the old nvidia driver, or there are defects on the card, then hand over the card under warranty(


Hello, I have uninstalled all the drivers with the DDU software and the problem persists, I have tried 2 model cards of the same model and the problem persists. I think the problem is in the architecture or drivers of this GPU, they released an unstable product.


It might be that AMD has high incidence of faulty GPUs. I would return it and buy another. If it has the same problem, return it and buy nvidia.



Gpus of any sort are still hard to come by for a decent price.   My experience with the 6800xt is completely different.  


What slot on your motherboard is the video card in?

What are your Temps on the card and cpu and i/o bridge of the motherboard.

What sort of drive are you running and in what slot if NVME.  

Has this problem been a constant or has it been a more recent issue?

Is your power supply putting off more heat than normal with this card?

All of those can be an issue.   Especially the power supply.  Video card power demands are not high during boot but can peak very high, an older or under powered power supply could be causing your card issues.   

Just some thoughts.  Even a current gen Nvidia is going to be more power demanding than your older 2070 super.  (I came from a 2080 and upped my power supply to a 750 for peak current demands.)