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Journeyman III

rx 6600

Figured I'd try an amd gpu again, thought since I could actually get a rx 6600 and it was not as over-priced as most GPUs are atm it would be worth getting as an upgrade from my 8 year old or so gtx 970.  So far, I'm seeing less FPS in every game.  Tried a fresh install of windows, thinking maybe something got messed up.  Not the case... About a 9% decrease in FPS in every game I've tested... I know the 6600 was not an impressive card when compared to the others in the 6000 series... but I would have thought it'd be an upgrade over a midrange card from nearly a decade ago.

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How old are all the other parts of your PC?

You probably have a huge bottleneck, you'll probably have to upgrade more than just the GPU..

System specs please, inc PSU..

AMD Ryzen 7 3700x, Asus Tuf Gaming RX 6700 XT, Asus TUF Gaming x570 Plus, 32gb G.Skill TZ neo 3600mhz, Samsung 980pro 1tb NVME, Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1tb NVME, Lian Li Galahad AIO 240mm, Antec Titanium 1kw.

R5 2600x, gigabyte b450m, 2 8gb ddr4 3200 oloy, rosewill hive 550w,    Was thinking maybe due to the PCI 3.0 but from the dozens of sets of benchmarks I've seen the performance between 3 vs 4 is not much. 


sapphire pulse rx 6600