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Run Radeon Pro Render on IRONCAD

I am currently a reseller of IRONCAD 3D software and do some models, tutorials and library contents as added the value for the product. I am certain that porting Radeon Pro Render is a step forward as it has been done with SolidWorks. I am willing to help out to get this done offering my time and current computer resource. Though it may not be the perfect workstation for this, I think it is capable of starting the development:

  • Ryzen 1700x
  • 32 GB ddr4
  • RX 470 4GB Gdr5
  • Dual 1080 display

IRONCAD can have an addin application option so it can communicate with other related software. Currently it live links with KeyShot. The incentive of working with openCL + GPU open avenues for rendering advancement.

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Big Boss
Big Boss

Re: Run Radeon Pro Render on IRONCAD

not sure about this package but if its like any, lots of RAM is helpful and 32GB should be ok for most work

3D rendering needs lots of VRAM which is found on high-end cards, The RX 470 only has 4GB while the new Vega have 8GB which would be helpful

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