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Adept I

RTX 4090 vs 7900 XT

Is AMD going to compete with RTX 4090 in power consumption and size ?!
Is AMD gonna work for the next gen gpu(s) to be more efficient in power total draw, performance and size !?!?

Something to really watch and LEARN from it !


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Re: RTX 4090 vs 7900 XT

That is a funny video.
Reality is next Nvidia GPUs will be using a better process technology than Samsung 8nm. 
If they had created RTX3000 series on better node like TSMC 7nm, they would be futher ahead than RX69/800XT.
They would not need such large expensive heatsinks and would pull less power than RX69/800XT. 

If you stick your RX69/800XT in Rage mode ( about +6% power) you are setting same GPU Power as the Nvidia Competition, and increasing the fan speed on the reference GPUs.
Rage mode provides no clear  benefit based on a number of GPU performance tests. 

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