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Rogame: Navi 1 Refresh Inbound, NO RDNA2 entry or midrange cards, lower prices expected

Heaven help us if this turns out to be true (likely, he is a fairly well known leaker) and AMD doesn't clearly differentiate RDNA2 cards, which will be capable of DX12U and all that jazz, and RDNA1, which aren't. It's going to be difficult though since AMD can't do like nVidia and have 2 brandings (RTX and GTX), and it'd be market suicide to continue the RX 5000 series brand concurrent with a new RDNA2 RX 6000 brand, especially if nVidia Ampere cards at the revised Navi 10+ price points do support those features.

As always with leaks, treat it with skepticism, but with all signs that next generation cards from AMD and nVidia will land by September, we should see official announcements in the next couple of months, likely July when AMD is expected to officially announce Renoir, Matisse+,  and Zen 3.

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Lets hope they do not mess up the launch, the cooler, the Adrenalin 2021 drivers, the VBIOS and do something monitor and control the quality of AIB cards this time around.

How many times does it take to learn from past mistakes?


It's going to be interesting too if AMD is able to stick to their "No more blower fans on reference edition cards" statement too.


Can't wait to see the Gigabyte REV 2.0 Refresh version of this:
Radeon™ RX 5700 XT GAMING OC 8G | Graphics Card - GIGABYTE Global 

If they pull the same stunt that they did with their RX590 they will:

(1). Remove the Backplate.
(2). Remove RGB Fusion 2.0 LED Lighting.
(3). Remove their Gigabyte Logo.
(4). Remove the smart power LED indicators.
(5). Possibly drop a DisplayPort Output.

And advertise it with the same specifications and price the original version.

You guessed it - I am really angry at what they did.


With ray tracing becoming much more mainstream, especially if Ampere cards are exponentially faster at it than Turing as is rumored, it's going to be interesting to see how well cards not capable of it will sell. If they collude to keep ray tracing capabilities at $300+ then non ray tracing cards will sell just fine, but if AMD decides to compete...