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Adept II

Relive features i'm missing, but should be easy to add

I love Relive for streaming. In BF1, while playing at 1512p, i only drop about 3.5% in performance. OBS just can't compete with that performance.

But compared to OBS, Relive is lacking a few features that are simple to add ( I think ).

  • Currently, when you have desktop recording disabled. If you're streaming, the screen goes black for all viewers every time  you leave the game. They can still see the webcam and the overlay image, but they can no longer see what I'm doing on my desktop. I understand why because I have it disabled. But it would look better if you could use an image that replaces that black screen while browsing the desktop. It should be easy to add this feature to the Relive settings.
  • The ingame audio volume is very quite compared to the volume I actually hear while gaming. There already is an Audio boost option, but it would be good that it was able to increase the recording volume just a few decibels more.
  • Streaming resolution. On twitch, the limit ( to avoid buffering issues with viewers ) for bitrate is about 7.5-8Mbit. This is just a little bit to low for high quality 1080p streaming. It would be nice if their was a 900p setting. 7.5Mbit is perfect for high quality 900p video. There are 360p and 480p settings, but to be serious, nobody is going to stream at that resolution these days.

These features should be easy to add, especially the last one ( 900p ).

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