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Journeyman III

realmente tenemos soporte?,I want to update my pc?

hello my name is jonatan, nickname in kabuu games, in my days I was a tyrant, but now I have come across that the games ask for a lot of pc and my monetary system is finished, I wanted to buy or put a pc for my son to start in the gammer world, I do not have much money but well I have an amd x 2 6 of ram and a gt710 card. if someone has a donation or something that helps me .. thank you very much .

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Solely my opinion, But that photo you attached won't help your cause much with certain religious persons here.

I am not personally into Satan Worshiping.

Besides you seemed to be from outside the USA (Spanish only post), just guessing since you didn't indicate from where you are posting from,  so it would be very expensive shipping you any donated parts unless it is from someone from your country.

hello, if I know things in my country are too expensive but I am also not trying to ask for help, with this issue of the image I already took it out I did not see it in that point of view, I will try to see how I can improve the PC so that it can you play me what do you recommend me


Okay, I guess my translator was a little off when it translated your post. By the way, this is an English Only Forum so next time you reply please translate your post into English, Thanks.

To help you I will need to know your son's computer setup. Make & Model of your Motherboard, CPU, PSU, GPU, Windows and AMD driver version installed, BIOS version currently installed on your motherboard, etc.

Especially the Make & Model of your son's PSU and Motherboard and GPU and CPU and Windows version installed.

Once you post that, Me and other Users can help determine the best way to upgrade your computer for gaming. Plus what type of Budget do you have in mind as far as spending goes?  200 Euros or 500 Euros etc or whatever your country's currency is.

The reason why I mentioned your photo is because it is showing the devil in a Non-traditional way (positive image). (-: .

Which I personally found to be offensive. But that is me only and no one else here at AMD Forums. You could have left it on the post since it wasn't doing any harm if you feel it is something that you agree with or find humorous. '

As I mentioned it was just my personal opinion and nobody else's here at AMD Forum.

EDIT: If you don't know your son's Computer hardware or software download a free program called SPECCY. Run it post it on your next reply. It will show most of your Make & Model of your computer's hardware and software including BIOS and Windows versions.