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Raptr/Gaming evolved how to remove

Many people have raptr/gaming evolved installed on their computers and don't know how it got there. It was installed with the graphics drivers because you chose "Express Install" and not "Custom Install" which allows you to uncheck the "gaming evolved' installation box. Some people prefer not to have it running and some people have reported it causes problems on their computer. It is not easy to uninstall (surprise) and DDU does not uninstall it. Here is how to do it:

First you have to go to control panel > remove a program and uninstall 'Gaming Evolved'. All of it. Save no settings. Then you have to go into the registry (regedit) the top of the page click 'edit' then 'find' > type in  raptr > find next. Everytime a raptr entry comes up...delete it. Then go back to edit and click 'find next' . Keep doing that until there are no more. There are several. Next time you install drivers, choose custom install and take the check mark out of the "gaming Evolved" box. If it tells you it is installed and up to missed a registry entry.

Questions about raptr/gaming evolved  should be addressed to the Raptr Forum > Discussions : Raptr Support