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Journeyman III

RAM slots when occupied cause POST failure on 3600+x470 prime pro

This week my R5-3600 and asus x470 Prime Pro PC was Blue screening alot until it shut down and refused to POST when turning it on. I did alot of troubleshooting and figured out that if any of my 4 RAM sticks are in the top 2 slots then my PC wont POST. Otherwise it boots fine. This led me to believe my CPU or Mobo were causing this issue. I went and bought a b550 motherboard and noticed i still had the EXACT same issues. This has led me to believe my 3600 CPU is the actual component at FAULT. Is this a common issue where 3600 CPUS have problems with particular RAM slots? Im willing to just upgrade to a 5600X and be done with it. Or should I just get another 3600? RAM failure light on new MOBORAM failure light on new MOBO

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