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Re: Radeon RX-560; I feel scammed.

That statement was made after looking at the Dell site for the computer model mentioned by the OP. They do not offer a 560...either a 480, 360 or a nvidia graphics. I believe the different configurations are indicated by the version "7020BLK". I didn't realize GPUz had identified his card as a fault.



Re: Radeon RX-560; I feel scammed.

I agree with you also. I also saw that same computer at Dell without a RX 560. That is why I figured that the Computers at Costco were customized with the RX 560 cards.

Adept I

Re: Radeon RX-560; I feel scammed.

Firstly, I acknowledged my sarcasm; I do so again and apologize.

The Costco Dell advertisement is attached.

As an aside, I haven't heard anyone mention having purchased a Gateway

computer in years. I'm not exactly a novice; first computer was IBM

PC-XT quickly followed by PC-AT. That was either Fall, 1984 or Winter

1985. (I still have the sales receipts.) I studied computer science,

earned 2 degrees but never worked in the field (or tried to stay

technically current.) I am not a gamer. The graphics issue only

concerns me from the truth-in-advertising standpoint.

To be accurate -given AMDs obfuscation of the facts, IMO- the RX 560

should have been labeled RX 560 D (or some other variant.) With half

dozen RX 560 models now, to me, ... RX 560 means "original" 560 not

one of the cutdowns. That's me.

The Dell 8910s work very well in fact the one I'm at right now is

powering a 3-Dell monitor array. I have 7 Dell computers currently in

service and 4 Systemax BTO machines that are ~10 years old, still

running XP Pro. (Anybody want an Alien Aurora XPS 710, for parts?)

The Costco Dell advertisement is attached.

When I look on Amazon there are a number of identically configured

machines (RX 560), all priced higher and 1 by "AppleTree fulfilled by

Amazon" (ASIN: B07B4QVKJS; $899) states "2018 Newest Dell Flagship

High Performance XPS 8910" with Windows 10 Pro. So, while Dell no

longer has it on their website, ... I supposed it has been superceded

by 8920 and 8930. All the Amazon 8910s have 'Date First Available" as

either December, 2017 or February, 2018 which is curious but


Thank you one and all for input, opinion, detail clarification and

knowledge share. Costco is not in the business of deceiving member

customers (in my ~15 years experience.) As suggested, I think these

computers were configured by Dell -probably for Costco and other

vendors- and the AMD 560 was added for (perceived) value (and maybe

reduced component costs.) I guess this horse has been beaten to

death although I am still waiting to hear back from Costco about

replacing the video cards with original 560 or other comparable.

Happy trails. J

PS: I signed in but still don't find how to post directly vs emailing

onto the chain. J


Re: Radeon RX-560; I feel scammed.

First, Thanks for the apology. It shows you have a lot class. I also understand, you probably were highly upset when you replied.

Costco and Dell knows that the majority of customers that purchase a computer are probably not tech savvy or aware of the type of computer components that are installed. The Customer purchase a computer, go home, and start using it without realizing that Costco or Dell installed cheaper GPU model to cut costs and make it appealing to the public for sale.

Costco didn't lie, the computer does have a RX 560, just a cheaper and slower version. I, myself, didn't realize that AMD made several variants of this Model until you posted here. So, If I would have purchased this computer, I too, would have thought it would have been the original RX 560 and not a variant version.

Like I mentioned to Kingfish, What Costco did was not false advertising and not illegal but I would consider it to be unethical business practice. They should have made a "Disclaimer" mentioning that the RX 560 was a variant of the original RX 560. At least, the tech savvy purchaser would be aware of what they are purchasing for the price they are paying.

I guess that old cliche applies when buying an expensive product at a discount "Buyer beware" 

BTW, Gateway computers used to be one of the best computer on the market for long time. They weren't cheap either. Systemax is a Tiger Direct computer right? Tigerdirect had a store less than 1.5 mile from my house. I was unhappy when they closed it down and now basically just deals with businesses. Their prices, IMO, were comparable to online prices.

Hope Costco does the right thing and upgrades your RX 560. But don't be surprised if they say you need to pay extra.