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Journeyman III

Radeon ReLive Not Working

Hey, I have been trying for months to setup the Instant Replay function on my computer. I still am having trouble with getting this to work. Basically what's happening is that when I hit CTRL+SHIFT+S, it says "Saving..." but when I go to my folder which I created for these clips, it shows a random bunch of letters and numbers as a folder. I click the folder and I see 2 files. 1 being a folder called "temp" which has nothing in it. And another as a mp4 called "out.mp4" when I do this is gives me to copies of these things but with different letters and numbers as the folder names. 1 of the mp4 files is 48 bytes and the other is 262 bytes. Both will not allow me to play them because "File type not supported, or corrupt file". Same thing occurs when I tab out of the game and click ALT+Z to open the side bar and click Instant Replay from there. If anyone has had this issue or something similar that they fixed, please share your wisdom with me. Thank you!

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