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Journeyman III

r7 m440 update


I was trying to install an update for my amd radeon r7 m440 software and i accicentally uninstalled it, i have been trying to get it back, but i installed the r7 m340 software instead. is there any big difference, how can i go back to the software i had or can i install any other higher software?  i've been looking to get the r7 m440 software and i can't find it anywhere, maybe i can install instead a better sftware, i don't know


2 Replies

Re: r7 m440 update

The R7 M440 and R7 M340 is the same card with a different name. There is no problem.

Big Boss

Re: r7 m440 update

AMD and NVIDIA both rebadge logic with the annual cycle of new hardware. New models of GPU tend to surface in mid to late summer leading into the holiday season.

My trusty old HD 7870 has been rebadged a few times. The card is extreme enough to be viable for a long time to come.