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Journeyman III

Question about the AMD GPU promo


I have been looking to buy an RX 5600XT and I saw that there was a promotion that once you purchased the GPU you could get Monster Hunter World:Iceborne and Resident Evil 3 as a bonus.

I do not see the promotion text on Newegg anymore and if I remember correctly it said that the promotion ends on the 30th of this month.

I'm curious as to if the promotion is still going on or is the promotion no longer available?

2 Replies

The reason why the ad in Newegg doesn't show the promotion of for the RX5700XT is because it ended already and was replaced by a new AMD Promotion but for the RX570 and RX580 GPUs.

This the latest AMD Promotion concerning GPUs: Q2 2020 AMD Radeon™ SI Game Bundle Promotion - But this latest and current AMD Promotion is for the RX 570 and RX580 GPUs only.

The AMD Promotion for the RX5700 Series GPUs was this one: Q1 2020 AMD Radeon™ Raise the Game Bundle Promotion

So you will need to purchase a RX570 or RX580 to get a different game.

In addition to the great information Elstaci gave please understand the following. It has been an ongoing issue for a couple years now and it is in the fine print that these offers are only available as long as supplies last. Lots of reports of retailers advertising the promotions past their expiration or even within the dates but they run out of game codes. 

Your best bet is to always contact the retailer before you buy and ask. At least if they say it is still offered then they don't give you one, you have the information you need to report it to AMD rewards and likely they would assist on your behalf. Just realize it is prudent to do your homework before you buy as you already are.