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Journeyman III

Post marked as spam?

Yesterday I started my first topic in the Drivers & Software area, but it's been "Marked as spam" since yesterday.

This is clearly not spam - it's a technical request for help that I personally typed myself - and even after clicking the "submit an abuse report" to claim that it was in error, but nothing appears to have happened.

Perhaps this was in the wrong forum, perhaps I inadvertently used some trigger word, perhaps there's funky formatting, but I'm not sure what I did wrong.  I don't have a great deal of experience posting here, though the email address on my account has been verified for years.

I appreciate that the mods are volunteers, which is why I let this sit for a day.

The permalink (not sure if this will be visible to anybody):

Windows 11 + W6600 - window manager dorking out - AMD Community


~~~ Steve

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Adept I

i currently have the same problem. i am new here and my post got marked as spam and i did as you and submit a report but still nothing.

link to my post:


Looking at the link you posted ( I was able to reply to that thread so it must still be active otherwise no one would have been able to reply.

The only thing that I can see that could have been marked as Spam is that you used the word "dorking" in the title otherwise your thread definitely wasn't spam after reading it in my opinion.

Maybe AMD Moderator @Matt_AMD can see what happened or why it was marked as Spam.

NOTE: It is possible AMD Moderators haven't had a chance to go through the Spam file to see if it really is spam or not.

Adept I

my post is still marked as spam. its been a week now. are there no mods online to solve this?


I forgot to tag @Sam_AMD Moderator also last time.


Hello @FreakyStyle nice to e-meet you!   (Hi @elstaci thank you for the mention)

I just read your OP and moved it to the Drivers & Software forums. 

I apologize it took me this long to assist you, and thank you for your patience. Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you. Just "@" mention me. 



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