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Please read before posting

This should be the number one change/addition to this forum. 80% (by my calculations) of new posts contain absolutely no computer information at all. We don't need to know the life history of the poster or his computer...just the bare minimum.

1. OS? (32 or 64 bit)

2. Graphics card? Processor?

3. Power supply? (make and model)

4. Overclocked?

5. Laptop or Desktop? (If laptop, manufacturer and exact model number)

6. When did issue first appear?

When a poster clicks "Ask a question" this should be prominently displayed.

​The number two addition > FAQ

Number three I've given up asking for > Laptop forum

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Re: Please read before posting

To the fantastic AMD Community Development & Management staff, as well as the entire AMD Community

I ask you all to please, if you could take a moment to read my entire post, it would be greatly appreciated. I understand, it's quite long, but I assure you all that the intentions of the content herein can be beneficial to the entire AMD community and should be read by all. This is an ongoing issue that is long overdue for a solution. With all of the fantastic implementations that we have received as of late with the new site functionality, there is one aspect that is sorely lacking and once the community as a whole has this available, multiple aspects of the AMD community both now and in the future will be a much more seamless experience for us all.

My response is directly below and thank you to all who take the time to read it in it's entirety here at AMD.

kingfish couldn't be more correct in the regards that this should be a prerequisite posting here in the support forums and the most useful addition the AMD team could add for a more seamless experience for both the troubled end user and the knowledgeable AMD community member willing to assist in their issue. With all due respect (and each of you listed below in the "ATTN: section" know I truly mean that), please as a show of appreciation for what the technically knowledgeable community users do for AMD each and every day here in the support forums, take action to our requests.

Make all support forum users who wish to request assistance supply their computer specifcations as a prerequisite to posting their query. This would truly make assisting these end users a much more seamless experience for the technically knowledgeable AMD community veterans. The end users requiring assistance would then instantly provide information that is needed in the troubleshooting process. Without this information regardless of one's experience makes troubleshooting impossible.

More times than not, the experienced user preparing to troubleshoot the issue at hand must frustratingly coherse the end user into providing this information throughout multiple responses, solely out of poor design and more times than not, although the end user is the one requesting the assistance and doesn't posess the necessary technical abilities to solve this issue, tend to take it upon themselves to inform us that providing this information isn't necessary, which is incorrect regardless of their perspective of the situation.

I guarantee that more community users queries would be resolved day one if this was implemented and would better the AMD community as a whole. You have multiple dedicated volunteer AMD community support technicians serving each and every user without question and to the best of our abilities. Yet, this can't be a fully functioning community based support machine at all times without the proper tools at the ready, as needed for both party's involved.

By providing this simple request, of which it's foundation lays solely in necessity and our desire the continue to provide these community support services, but in a more functioning form, you not only announce to the community users that require troubleshooting assistance that you wish to provide them the tools needed based on popular request, you are also proudly showing that your intentions towards continued community growth as per community demand since the new sites inception will be commonplace.

Sadly, more times than not, the helpful users here at the AMD support forums who troubleshoot these issues daily with their technical experience, don't only go without thanks whatsoever from the requestors with the issue, our site recommendations have somewhat fallen on deaf ears which shouldn't be the case.

The experienced volunteers here are an instrumental source of the functionality of the AMD support community and without our assistance tens of thousands of users issues if not more, would go unsolved and that deserves in the least, implementation of the sound recommendations we provide to further ensure the AMD community recieves the best possible solutions available, as quickly as possible.

We the volunteers, provide AMD and it's community the assistance they need without question. I now ask AMD to please, provide our collective request for implementation of this prerequisite feature.

Thank you, have a nice day and be well.

ATTN: erin.maiorino​amdmattsam.tehrani ray_m

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Re: Please read before posting

The 'old' 'Please Read Before Posting' was way to involved and intimidated a lot of the posters...and we recieved snarly responses more often than not.



When posting a thread about a particular issue you are experiencing it is very helpful if you provide as much information as possible.  Please use the template below, and be as detailed as you can.  It will enable your fellow forum members to provide more accurate and helpful suggestions.

NOTE! Please do not copy/paste DirectX Diagnostic Reports into your post.

Laptop Computers

- Manufacturer

- Exact Model (ex: not HP Pavillion)

- Operating System (Is this the original OS?)

- Graphics chip

- AMD Catalyst driver version

- Switchable graphics? (AMD+AMD or AMD+Intel)

- Checked for bios update from manufacturer?

- Installed relevant 'optional' and 'recommended' Windows Updates?

- When did issue first appear

- Steps you have taken to reslove the issue

Graphics Card

- include the specific brand & model (ex: ASUS Radeon HD7970-DC2-3GD5)

- if any over-clocking is being done then provide GPU & memory clocks, and the application used to over-clock

AMD Catalyst Driver Version, and Driver History

- include driver version currently used, and version(s) tested previously

Operating System

- 32-bit/64-bit; Service Pack, etc..

- include details about additional operating systems also tested

Issue Details

- include specifics on symptoms, and steps to reproduce the issue

- describe in detail the issue experienced

- for 3D Games, please include details of your in-game graphics settings (ex: Anti-Aliasing, VSync, etc..)

Motherboard or System Make & Model

- include the specific brand & model (ex: DELL XPS 8500, or ASUS M4A88TD-V)

- Checked for bios update?

Power Supply

- include specific brand & model with output wattage

- a link to the manufacturer’s product page with specifications, or a picture of the unit’s label is helpful

Display Device(s) and Connection(s) Used

- include specific brand & model (ex:  DELL U2411)

- include specifics about any cables, adapters, splitters, hubs, used

Applications and Games

- list out all applications and games where the issue is occurring

- include details about version or patch numbers

CPU Details

- include model, speed, number of cores (ex: AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black Ed.)

- if any over-clocking is being done provide details about it (ex: multiplier, voltages, clock speeds, and the application used to over-clock)

Motherboard BIOS Version

- the BIOS version is displayed as soon as your system is powered on (ex: ASUS BIOS 1015)

System Memory Type & Amount

- include specific brand & model

Additional Hardware

- include specifics about the harddrive(s) used (ex: SSD boot drive), # of case fans, optical drives installed, or any additional PCI, or PCIe devices installed

Additional Details

- include information about any system checks that have already been done to ensure the system is clean of viruses, spyware, etc..

- include information about any checks that have already been done to ensure hardware is not faulty. (ex: hardware swaps, Prime95 for CPU testing, Memtest86 for memory testing)


I suggest this:

In order to get any meaningful support for your issue, the following information is requested:

Please do not post any DXdialog or links to a image.

Please post in an appropriate forum.


Laptop manufacturer

Laptop exact model number

Operating system? Is this the original OS?


Graphics chip (card)

Switchable graphics? (AMD + Intel or AMD + AMD)

When did this issue first appear?

What steps have you taken to correct the issue?

Have you searched Windows Update for relevant 'optional'updates?


Operating system


Graphics card(s) ( exact card..not the series)


Power Supply ( wattage,manufacturer, and model number )

Have you checked for a Motherboard bios update?

Windows Update current? 'Optional' updates installed?

When did the issue first appear?

Steps you have taken to correct the issue

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Please read before posting

Some great suggestions here kingfish​ & lordhelmet​. I agree this would be a good idea, let me speak with my team and see what's possible within Jive.


Re: Please read before posting


Maybe jtrudeau​ could add/modify one of the profile options to include system specs(required)(lock privacy to "registered")).

Ryzen 5 5600x, B550 aorus pro ac, Hyper 212 black, 2 x 16gb F4-3200c16d kit, Aorus nvme gen4 1tb, Nitro+RX6900XT, RM850.

Re: Please read before posting

If it would show up on the post......


Re: Please read before posting

The "old forum" signature.

I thought jtrudeau​ said it was not possible(I may be wrong).

If specs(required) In profile, well, it's something if there is no other option..

Ryzen 5 5600x, B550 aorus pro ac, Hyper 212 black, 2 x 16gb F4-3200c16d kit, Aorus nvme gen4 1tb, Nitro+RX6900XT, RM850.

Re: Please read before posting

Maybe it could be laid out in the 'ask a question' form..have the template there and you can't post the question without the blanks filled. Or something..

Adept III

Re: Please read before posting

Yeah, okay!