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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

PIB RMA escalation


I have received en email from support. Have a look at it:

Dear  ................,

  RMA # 2000241197

  Thank you for contacting AMD regarding warranty replacement of your retail

  packaged 'Processor in a Box' processor(s).

  Based on the information you have provided, your warranty claim(s) require(s)


  The following processor(s) cannot be authorized for return to AMD using the web

  based RMA process.

  Thank you for supporting AMD.

  Best Regards,

  AMD Technical Service Center.

I have already received CPU after RMA process, but I don't know why it wasn't closed. After some time I have received an email that AMD didn't receive CPU which I've sent some time ago.

AMD RMA# 2000241197 Not Received 

Dear  .........

  This is a courtesy notice from AMD Global Customer Care, in reference

  to your Warranty Request RMA# (2000241197) for your AMD retail packaged

  Processor(s) in a Box.

  Product         Serial#         Result


  YD1700BBAEBOX   9GU3895N70269           RETURN NOT RECEIVED

  The agreement for the AMD Cross-Ship warranty fulfillment service you

  accepted required you to return your original processor to AMD within

  30 days of your claim. Since we have not received the processor within

  the specified time period, we will not be able to offer you the AMD

  Cross-Ship service in the future. However, we will still offer our

  standard warranty replacement coverage. This will require you to return

  any processors to be replaced, prior to AMD shipping new units to you.

  Best regards,

  AMD Global Customer Care.

I have filed new Request after receiving 25-day reminder, and a guy from support suggested to ignore it. I have sent him link to DHL tracker that states it was delivered. But now I have no idea what to do with these tickets.

Can someone from AMD support check what is going on with RMA 2000241197 and why it isn't closed?


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