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Order complete - Tracking not working? (RX 6800 XT, Europe, Germany)

So, i was lucky and could order and purchase a RX 6800 XT on 18th November 2020.

The order was on "order in process" for quiet some time until the 24th November, when it went to "order complete" and a DHL tracking number became available. Since that day, i can use that tracking number but it's not working. Says, there is no information for that tracking number.

Anyone else having the same issues? Did anyone from Europe get his card by now?


The tracking code amd provided links to, i just tried the german version  (, typed in the code and it says something along the lines "awaiting your package". This actually tells me that there is some kind of information available for my package but it has not even reached the distributor...


I got an email from AMD Support. They said something about an estimated delivery time of 7 - 10 days from time of ordering. this would mean, 28th could work for me, if that is true. They also gave me a link where i should be able to reach out for more information, sadly, it's a link to trans-o-flex websites impressum. Nothing really helpful.


The card ARRIVED

Funny though, the tracking information which wasn't available through the whole delivery process now jumped to delivered...

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Re: Order complete - Tracking not working? (RX 6800 XT, Europe, Germany)

some times the scanners in the postoffices also have to take a nap :p

but glad your card arrived ;)

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