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Adept I
Adept I

Only one of two Vega 64 cards recognized.

I have a system with two Vega 64 graphic cards but only one is recognized. When I look at AMD Radeon Settings > System I only shows "Primary/Discrete". The power leds on the not recognized card is only one green. The recognized one show lights depending on the load. I have a Corsair 860i PSU which should deliver enought power for both cards. At one point actually both did work.

My OS is Windows 10 Pro.

Actually it comes and goes... when I reboot the system sometimes I see the second card "Linked/Discreet" and it also works. But when rebooting it's randomly not there... any ideas ?

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Re: Only one of two Vega 64 cards recognized.

Those cards can easily pull 350w each, leaving you with only 160w for everything else in your system. That's an insufficient amount of power.

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