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Adept I

Old game

I have an hp ef2040tg laptop w/ ryzen 5 5500u and windows 11 home. I have Quake I and Quake II. Quake II works ok but Quake I doesn't even install. I get a message saying can't install it. I heard DOS Box may be an option as it may be a 32 bit issue. What can I do? I am only an expert beginner and an old school programmer from the past and lost my way somewhere.  H e LP?!!


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Do you have the original media disk? Is it from you are trying to install?

Well, if that's the case, then DOSBox should help you out. Steam also relies on DOSBox as well to run these old games if you buy from them.

The Englishman

This 2 y/o Reddit thread one User gives instructions on how to be able to install and play Quake in Windows 10:

Screenshot 2023-02-04 100548.png

Here is another User on how to run Quake without having to install it:

I know this is the pc board but figured I would post it here as well as the Quake 1 board as I searched the entire internet and not found a single viable explanation on how to pull this off WITH expansions. There are explanations for getting the Quake game to run on its own but not to run it with both expansions as well.

This won't install due to installers not working with windows 64 bit as they were built for windows 32 bit but this work around will have you up and running in no time at all.

Due to not being able to use the installer on windows 64 bit systems due to incompatibility you can really struggle to run it and the expansions as well.

Well after not being able to find out how to get the expansions working with out the installer I went to work on figuring it out.

If you follow the instructions below you shall be able to play and run the entire game without ever having to use the installer.


Open up your Quake cd by right clicking on the drive containing the cd and selecting either Open or Explore depending on which windows you are using.

Next Copy the file Q101_INT.1 to your desktop and change to file extension from .1 to .zip

Ignore the error saying the file stopped unexpectedly deepening on which program use use to open zip files if any.

Now create a folder on your C drive named Quake

Now copy the contents of Q101_INT.ZIP to the c:/Quake directory you just created.

Expansions..............Scourge of Armagon + Dissolution of Eternity.......

Open up the expansion cd (Will for the purposes of this guide open up Eternity expansion disc first)

Copy the folder named rogue to the directory c:/Quake you create earlier for the main game.

now ignore all other folders on the cd (DOS, INTERNET, SP256, TEN) if it has any.

instead copy every other file from the cd execpt the folders in to c:/Quake/Rogue

Next we will install Scourge Expansion

Open up the Scourge cd and copy the Hipnotic folder to C:/Quake

Now ignore every other folder on the cd (DOS, INTERNET, SP256)

instead copy every other file on the cd except for the folders to C:/Quake/Hipnotic

..............................Now that's the game fully installed as it should be, but now we need to be able to run it in windows so we need a game program.

I like to use darkplaces which can be acquired here.

download the windows executable (first download in the list)

Once downloaded extract the entire contents of the .rar/.zip to the C:/Quake folder you created with all your expansion folders contained within.

Now navigate to your C:/Quake folder and look for the file named quake bat file.bat (may not have the extension visible and just be named quake bat file)

Now double click it and pick which game you'd like to play (Quake, Scourge or Eternity) and press the corresponding number to load and play it.

Enjoy Quake on windows 64 bit with expansions
HopelessJenova Gaming - Games done Badley

there are some old games that required NET. Framework 1.1 to install and run.

I believe the old StarCraft BroodWars was one of those games, not certain., but I have it installed and have several very old games installed.

Just a suggestion.  It won't hurt anything to try it.