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Journeyman III

No order information received but payment taken.


I placed an order for a 6900XT via the website around a week ago, the order was process and payment was taken. 

However, I still haven't received any order confirmation email or any tracking details.

The order was paid via PayPal. 




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Thanks for the response but I managed to get the info I required over the phone.

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Community Manager


Please can you send me a private message with your email address and order number and I will look into this for you. 


Thanks for the response but I managed to get the info I required over the phone.

hi, i saw you helped a guy with my same problem. I have completed an order, the money has been deducted from my account, but no confirmation email has arrived.


Dear Sir

Please help me with same problem

I've placed the order for Ryzen 5800X and paid with paypal

But I didnt receive any email confirmation or any tracking number

Hope to hear from you soon

Thank you


I also bought a 5600x via credit card and the payment was take but i never received a confirmation email or shipping details. 



I had the same problem a few hours ago I've bought a 6800 XT ... paid with PayPal... I can see the payment on PayPal but I didn't receive any e-mail confirmation. 

Could you please help ?

Many thanks


I have the same problem, it's been 5 hours now, please help

Adept I

same to me.

I ordered yesterday, 24th of June.

If I search with oeder no shown in Paypal your Homepage shows "order not found"?

Who can help me with this?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Community Manager

Please be patient and allow time for the order to be verified. Once this has happened you should receive email confirmation. This can take up to 48 hours but is usally a lot sooner.


thx Matt for your quick reply! much appriciate


I solved, I had ordered with in other mail

thank you @Matt_AMD for your reply. Are you talking about the very first email confirmation or the second one? Because I heard that usually the second email takes up to 48 hours to arrive, but the first one should arrive shortly after the payment. You're saying that even the first email could arrive after 48 hours? 

Same here: after more than 48 hours, still no email(s) from AMD store (but payment to amd/digital river shows in the paypal statement since the beginning).  I am a little worried.


If it's been over 48 hours (please don't count weekends) and you have not received confirmation you can open a E-Ticket here. Customer Support | AMD

If it's been less than 48 hours or over a weekend, you will probably get a confirmation early next week before you get a reply to the E-Ticket. 

Thanks Matt for the quick response!

Thanks again Matt,

I already opened a ticket yesterday (did not know that saturday does not count).......

I just do not want to go through that Thursday-drop-hell ahain



Hi Matt,

I just got feedback from customer support. They told me that gpu has been shipped.

(But I never received an OC or shipping confirmation)

Nevertheless......I'm so excited......and I just can't hide it .........

Thanks a lot Matt.

And good luck to all the others for the next drop!


Community Manager

That's odd. Could it be in your junk/spam folder?

Either way, glad to hear it shipped okay.

Hello @Matt_AMD , if I give you my email and order number can you please check the order status? (you said at the beginning of this topic that you could do this)

I placed an order 3 working days ago without getting any emails from amd, yesterday I opened an e-ticket but I still didn't get a response.

I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me, I'm getting really worried now. Thanks


nevermind, the card just arrived! I received zero emails from amd, but at this point I'm not complaining haha

Same situation here. I ordered a RX 6900 XT 7 days ago. Didn't receive any emails from AMD yet. Payment was done via PayPal. And yes I already checked junk/spam.

Is there some shop related ticket system? I only found one for technical assistance and the amdrewards one and there is nothing linked in the AMD shop FAQ or should I just use the first one @Matt_AMD `?

EDIT: nvm, the GPU just arrived three minutes ago.

We're looking into the issue of emails not arriving, apologies.


I called customer service, and they were able to help me very quickly. There was an issue with my email domain (""). I provided another address on the phone and I was able to receive the confirmation emails.

Adept I

How did you guys manage to get ahold of a product from their site, it's the second time I try and spend a whole Thursday on the site and get nothing.

The first time, it was in my cart, the site crashed, it went back on, item was still in my cart but couldn't finish the transaction. 

The second time, yesterday, I spent the whole day carefully refreshing to not get banned. At one point on my pc and smartphone, the page automatically refreshed 100 times before I got banned. It wasn't anything of my doing, I don't rum scripts, I manually refreshed the page.


So? What's your story on acquiring a gpu or CPU? 


man, I bought the card through a script that shows me the writing insert the card before drop.


My guy, I'm probably as desperate as they are but still adamant on not fattening scalpers.

Any info on the script you used?

Discord is Zero#0623

Send a friend invite if you can.