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Re: Newegg not giving Game Codes nor Answering to my requiries



OK I am in. Note I opened an AMD Support Ticket immediately after I could nnot log in with the validation email and you are supposed to wait 48 hours.
It looks like not waiting 48 hours and opening a support ticket helped me but again I only did that to try to help you out.

I pointed to this thread in the AMD Rewards Support Ticket so maybe someone has read it and might help you out. 

Here is what I see when I log in now:


I was sent an email from AMD Rewards Support ~ 6 hours ago telling me the account is activated.
Here are the details.

PST time.


Wednesday, 16 January 2019.

Here is the Email.



Your account has been successfully activated. You can now login to to redeem your coupon code.

**** IMPORTANT ****

Make sure your AMD Product is installed in your computer.

Our promotions require you to have one of the following - AMD RX 590, AMD RX 580, AMD 570, AMD Vega GPU's, and Select AMD Ryzen 5 / AMD Ryzen 7 Second Generation - installed before you attempt to validate your coupon code.

Please see our terms and conditions on for more information.


AMD Rewards Support


Account Registration does not seem to be working.

Please see:


Support Ticket ID: XXXXXX


I do  not have a new  CPU or GPU code yet.
If I purchase a qualifying product with a code then I will make sure to report if it works o.k.
I was talking with a few people last night who had purchased on Newegg with the AMD Deal and they did receive their code and were able to log into the AMD Rewards side within 1 day in one case and immediately in the other.

However it looks like it is a good idea to get your  AMD Rewards account set up before you buy a qualifying product.

Anyhow thanks to AMD Rewards Support for helping me get this account activated at least.

I think I have done all I can on this one until I get a game code.


Journeyman III

Re: Newegg not giving Game Codes nor Answering to my requiries

You are right, i think after i put my promo code in support ticket and now it shows used which was unused( I didn't install GPU yet lol). Absolutely a scam site, as well as the reputation of AMD. Fortunately, i have full refund as i return the card immediately.  Would not recommend to buy any amd product, consider both the bad service and bad quality compare to nvidia and intel.


Re: Newegg not giving Game Codes nor Answering to my requiries


I finally did it. I finally installed the code. Thank you for keeping my codes available. Now a story of how freaking frustrating it was doing this.

Long a go. I bought the graphics card back in November 30. Happy. Happy i was. I then waited patiently for the Graphics card an my long awaited codes to install the game. Just like any code you would buy in a store. You would think it was just a set of codes to install. Little did i know.

The day came! I got my graphics card for my Niece who wants to use a computer an play games. An become famous on line. I as a Uncle prayed she was not doing anything..... naughty with the computer i built for her. So i dig through the box looking for the codes. Nothing. No codes. I then check on my account with to find out what happened.It looks like i have other packages on the way. Well it must be late. 4 days later it did not show up.

Fluster was i,reaching into my pockets pondering what happened. So i then reached for the phone to call newegg for information. The representative tells me. Seach my orders. Look to the left. An there is digital orders. An there was the card with my code an a button to hit to send to my email. Well! happy was I. An thanked them for their service.

But then he told me something I didn't know. The darkness surrounded me as he explained. You need to register this card with AMDRewards.My eyes bulged to think. No.... Not another registration with something. But i stood tall an accepted this. Hung up an then,with confident look on my face dared to go into AMDRewards. An spent my time putting in my registration.

That took a while. Then i hit enter. An started to step away from the computer.........Then i saw it. You need to wait 48 hours for your registration to go through....Whhhaaaaaaaaat..... What sicko would make you wait 48 hour to register to a forum?! So i waited. 3 days past. An came back. The servers where down. I am not joking. They literally where down for almost 2 weeks.

After this long time i continuously checked back. You can register but you cant do anything else. You can ask questions but you cant contact anyone by phone. That sound like a scam! You put in your code but no one talks to you. How do you even know its a real sight i feared! But no. No. If it where fake it would have been taken down by now. So i waited.

A week later. It now accepts the code. The last days of the month. I tried entering the code daily several times a day. An now i can put in the code! An it says!!!.............................. You cant enter it without a graphics card...........................B..but im using a graphics card now.....

...........................................very confused..

I went to bed after that. Puzzled an confused. My mind couldn't take it. The next morning i tried again. It says! You time to enter this code has Expired...........

.....................................There are no words of the rage i felt at that moment. Little did i know this is not over.

After complaining on these forums on this specific page. i got very useful help. Thank you by the way. An i someone said. Did you install the graphics card you bought? Now note this. When i tried installing this before the graphics card would not work on my Asus MA99FX motherboard. Apparently my FX system would not run this card. But my niece`s computer would.

So I had to contact my niece an ask her to bring back the computer i built her to install the games.At this point i`m depressed an just want this over with.

But no. This is no over. So she comes 3 days later To use her computer. Apparently i also did not set her ram correctly it was running at 2133 an not 3000MHz.So that's something. An i then started trying to inter her code. She darted out the door because he had things to do. So i started trying to install Steam on her account an i had to get her password an email which was a pain. But i got her email address an found her steam account. We entered that. An we rejoiced. We then tried to enter her AMDRewards games. An..... Steam locked me out.

Wha....Yeah. Steam locked me out. It says. Did you just use this web address.(Yes/No i didn't). I hit yes. OH! Then we locked this account an you cant enter it until you verify this account through your email.

(OK first off. If i said Yes. why did you lock my account.An second.If i am agreeing that it was changed. Why are you sending it back to my the email. that i just got it from?)

So i needed to get the password to my nieces account. But its 11PM An she need to put her kid to bed. An go to sleep. So no way am i calling her at 11 at night.

So another day comes around. She gives says she can access her account. She does an then gives me approval of that that is her account. I can rest now. An i give a sigh of relief. So now i try to enter the code. An ask for it to send it to my email.

Why send it to my email you may be asking? Well that way i can just take the codes an input them directly. An not have any hassle. But not. What AMDRewards does is just send the same message of you have codes ready to your Email. NOT THE CODES! Then why have the website at all! UUUUGGGH! Still i pressed on. I then try to install the game. It then says you need a UBISoft account. Well i have an Ubi.....ooooh She doesn't. So i have to start her a UBISoft account.

i rush through putting in as much information as i can in under 3 minutes. DONE! i remark to myself. An then start the account....It ask for verification on to her account. Uughh! Fine! So i call back my niece to verify the code. Thank you an hang up. Then it activates double verification in a 2-part verification. So now i have to call her back to verify the same account TWICE!

So i call her back to get her to check her email again. An we still have no installed a game yet! So now we have an accepted account an it ask to continue using a 2-verification System. NO! I immediately turned it off! An then clicked on install my codes. An it did not give me codes. it auto added the account to the UBISoft game. --->So there WHERE NO CODES! <-----So you know out there. None of the time did it give me codes. They auto activated.

So now i finally am able to get one game in there.An now i try to install the other games on Steam. But guess what. When trying to get it into Steam. it then open an outer window that was not a steam window. Even when i had Steam installed an active. it oped an OUTER window. on an HTML page. An said Enter the code we just sent to your email! AAAAAGH! WHY! WHY! WHY CANT YOU JUST GIVE ME THE CODES!

So i gritted my teeth as i called my niece again asking her to check her email an give me the codes one by one to access the window. An told her to stay on the line because i know this isn't over. So she give me each letter an number. An i enter the code. An it Auto Activates the game on her account. If you blink you would miss it.

So i then ask for the final 3rd game. An she gave me the code that got sent to her email.An it was over. It was finally over.

It was like chasing down a man who killed your family an you finally shot him in the head in a dark alley in a rain storm. An you can collapse in the rain. Letting it wash away all the pain. An that was what it was like using the 3 free games for buying the AMD graphics card.


Re: Newegg not giving Game Codes nor Answering to my requiries

First, Happy to hear you and your niece finally you got your "Free" games.

Second: you should become an author, very entertaining post.

Third: I have noticed that AMD has server problems at times. Just wish they would leave a Message when someone accesses an AMD Website and the Server is down for whatever reason and let the Users know to try at a later time or the site is unavailable due to technical difficulties.


Re: Newegg not giving Game Codes nor Answering to my requiries

I think you should play the most relaxing of those free games to calm down. Tom Clancy's The Division 2 will give you plenty of opportunity to shoot opponents in the head. Glad you managed to get it working. Bye.


Re: Newegg not giving Game Codes nor Answering to my requiries

Your Game code installation story reminds me of a film called 'Clockwise' starring John Cleese.
You can find it on Youtube.
Maybe you should just watch that film and give your PC a rest.



Re: Newegg not giving Game Codes nor Answering to my requiries

When I bought my R9 380x I only got 2 or 3 game codes I was promised. One of those 2 by the time I got it, the offer was expired. I spent a ton of time with the AMD rewards site and the place I bought my card from to no avail. I just gave up only getting one of the 3 games I was supposed to. It doesn't look like it has gotten any easier. This stuff should be seamlessly easy IMHO.


Re: Newegg not giving Game Codes nor Answering to my requiries

Just setting up the site was frustrating for me initially and it took over 2 days to even get login and verified account. 
It would probably have taken longer without the help from the AMD Rewards Support Team.
I was impatient and opened a support call on day one to try and help others posting here to get their codes fast.

I think that the codes are implemented to prevent people from reselling the game codes.
If I do buy another AMD GPU with these game codes then I will let you know how I get on.


Re: Newegg not giving Game Codes nor Answering to my requiries


I just purchased a Ryzen 2700x and it comes with a free copy of "Tom Clancy's The Division 2".
I am not sure if I should be happy or sad about that but at least I will get a chance to test the AMD Rewards Game Code Redemption sooner than expected.


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Re: Newegg not giving Game Codes nor Answering to my requiries

Happy people! In Russia, we can not afford. Well, at least 60% of the population .. I’m generally below the poverty line, renting a room for 10,000 rubles (about $ 150), about 3,500 rubles for community services (about 50%) and food(130-140$) ....

Here I sit and envy ... I want at least some sort of normal PC ... (((

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Sorry for my English..