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Journeyman III

New build, AMD MSI Need Help

So have I have 99% new build AMD/MSI, cant get the division 2 to run steady at 75fps and cpu dies when i try to start streaming. Brand new MSI MEG X399, AMD 2nd Gen Ryzen Threadripper 2920x, 32 gb ram, and MSI Radeon 7. CPU ID report and Division 2 attached.

Few things I have tried.

1.144 hz cables to LG ultra wide

2. windows reset aka full freash install of MSI software, radeon, and ryzen master

Thanks for any ideas,


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Can you post some data such as temperatures and voltages plus any "Errors" that occurs when the PC or Processor crashes?

Did you install hardware (RAM) from Motherboard's QVL list to be sure it is 100% compatible with the Ryzen 2920X?

This is the only G-Skill RAM that is on the QVL List and your RAM is not listed- F4-3000C16-16GTZR: Support For MEG X399 CREATION | Motherboard - The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global 

It is possible the RAM you have is not listed because it was incompatible or the Company didn't test it.

What size PSU do you have installed ?. 

Do you have the latest BIOS and CHIPSET installed?

From your motherboard's compatibility list:

RYZEN ThreadripperColfax SP3r2YD292XA8UC9AF2920X1003.5GHz6MB32MBB2180N/

Latest Motherboard BIOS:

Edit: Forgot to mention, do you have everything at "Stock" speeds or you Overclocking the RAM or Processor?


no errors to report CPU is just running at 100%. my 7 year old intel could do it without issue

As seen below ram doesn't seem to me maxing out so not sure thats the issues

PSU is 850

99% sure bios is up to date but wilol double check

running stock, install everything install drivers and started using haven't touched any settings yet