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Journeyman III

Need help

Hi, since I couldn’t get help anywhere. I currently have an issue with my pc. So my pc spec was ryzen 5 3600x / rtx 2060s / 32gb ram / 650watts. I just got this issue a while ago when I was doing some DAW (digital audio workstation) when it shut down improperly like the power got cut off. So when I tried to turn it back on, only the rgb ram that does lit up, not the fan or the motherboard rgb light. Not sure whether the cpu is or the mobo is dead, suspect was the psu, please help if you had this issue before. Really can’t afford rn to send this  to a technician. I just want to know the issue was.

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Actually, the motherboard and the CPU are secured in such a way that they switch off in the event of voltage peaks, unless the power supply unit has burned out. crashed. If no numerical code appears on the motherboard, with which one can isolate the error, I type on power supply and / or Mobo defective. Look here for "Search" Fuse Motherboard it says: No, the mainboard cannot be the cause, the power supply unit
is broken. And maybe the mainboard, too, depending on how the power supply died. There such a problem is described or look in. I would first check the fuse in the power supply whether it has blown.


If you had a Blackout/Brownout power outage and you don't have a Surge Suppressor installed to protect your computer, when power was restored it probably sent a high voltage spike to your computer. Possibly burning out your Motherboard and could have also damage any hardware connected to the motherboard or it most likely damaged your PSU. 

You can check your PSU power outputs with a Multi-meter to see if you are getting the proper 12.0/5.0/ 3.3 Vdc.

You can disconnect all cables to the Motherboard and use the main 24 pin Motherboard connector to enable the PSU to turn on by shorting out two Pins on the 24 pin Motherboard cable with a paper clip.

If the PSU checks good then most likely your motherboard got fried by the High Voltage Spike. The PSU offers some protection but it isn't a Surge Suppressor.

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