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Journeyman III

Need advice- which card for needed 'horsepower'?

I Need some knowledgeable advice. (unfortunately, haven't found the right salesperson, apparently) I have recently purchased a Samsung 43" 4k TV , replacing a couple of very old 21' monitors. I had another third monitor. I previously was fine with my AMD Radeon HD7750 GPU. It took a while to stop "black screening", but I can now run my 43" with another monitor also attached. But that's it. A third monitor is out of the question, come to find out, now that I'm running the Samsung.

Also, I just discovered I'm running my TV at 4k, but only at 30hz. And that's fine since it's for music and audio applications. But it must be a matter of horsepower. I'd like to be able to run that tv at 60hz or fps, plus two other monitors. Which card will let me do that? (It's a windows 10 system)

I'm not gaming at the moment, but with this TV, that wouldn't be out of the question....

I apologize if this is redundant, but I tried looking at other previous posts...

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Re: Need advice- which card for needed 'horsepower'?

Monitor size doesn't matter, resolution is the same no matter if it's stretched over 23 or 50 inches, or even 200 inches if you use a projector. The issue is that a television isn't designed to display static text, so you're going to have degraded image quality compared to a monitor, which is why a 43" 4K TV costs all of $300 while a 27" 4K monitor exceeds that.

Any card with HDMI 2.0 can output 4k60, and all AMD cards can do 3 displays as long as one is native DisplayPort or you use a DisplayPort to HDMI active adapter.

As far as gaming goes at 4k, the only solutions right now are Vega 64, Vega II, GTX 1080Ti, and RTX 2080/Ti. You could game at 1920x1080 and let the television's scaling, if it's a decent TV which being a Samsung I doubt, upscale it to 4K, in which case your options open to the RX 580, Vega 56, GTX 1060/Ti, GTX 1070/Ti, GTX 1080.

Journeyman III

Re: Need advice- which card for needed 'horsepower'?

Thanks, much.

Well, for my uses, which aren’t gaming anyway, are music related. So I’m fine with that.

My main question then was being able to use all three outputs of my HD7750.

it was possible before, but now, I’m limited to to two.

ive switched outputs and cabling, so I know this to be the case.

So, again, is it a matter if horsepower from the card?

the Hd7700 is older, and it’s just 2 gigabytes.

i previouslyhad three monitors, so  regardless of resolution, somehow, using the tv is using up the resources. (I’m guessing).

     Am I correct in guessing it’s the amount of gigabytes?

What would be a decent step up, and assuming no gaming at 4K,  an RX 550 w 4 Gb or other similar card be sufficient? Or best to go higher.

I have t opened up my computer, but I’m guessing it’d be great to keep to the same profile as the HD7750.

i d appreciate your input. Thanks for responding.



Re: Need advice- which card for needed 'horsepower'?

VRAM really only comes into play these days when you're talking about gaming, as the OS and normal programs, like your internet browser and such, only use about a gigabyte, so the fact you only have two means it is sufficient.

An RX 550 would be -sufficient-, and only the RX 550 and 560 have Low Profile versions if you have a low profile case. Also, what's your power supply make and model, and how old is it?