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Journeyman III

My monitors act weird after waking up

I use the term "waking up" loosely because my computer doesn't actually sleep.

This happens whether I use a real screen saver or a blank one, but it doesn't happen every time.

Basically, sometimes both monitors will act up and sometimes only the second monitor will.

Also, the way they act up changes.

Here are the 3 main glitches:

1. Cycles through all available colors.

2. Picture just rolls down over and over again.

3. Monitor tells me it's out of range.

In all cases, turning the monitor off and on again doesn't work. I need to physically unplug and replug the monitor to fix it.

I have an ATI FirePro V4800, driver version 15.201.2401.1010.

I recently bought this card so I could have dual monitor capabilities.

This never happened before I got this card.

Thank you.

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That video card is very old, are you sure it is not defective?


I suppose it's possible. I can't afford a brand new card, so I bought one that supports Windows 10.

Everything else works flawlessly so far except for the wake up part.


That's also a professional level card and will not use the same drivers as the Radeon series.


I replaced the drivers with the one for this card when I installed it.


A lot of people have issue with Windows 10 hibernation and older hardware coming out of sleep. Unless you can't have your computer still using a small amount of power when sleeping. I suggest trying to disable Hibernation (hybrid) sleep in Windows 10, it will still sleep but use Standby sleep instead. You can google how to do this or I use a free app that makes it easy called WinAero Tweaker from winaero_com. Can't guarantee this will help, but it might and is easily reversed if not, and free to do!

Also monitors and sleep can very much be affected by the Monitor driver. See if there is a driver for your monitor on it's manufacturers site. If so go to device manager and monitor and update the driver to your monitors driver. Rarely does Windows do this on it's own. Typically it just uses Generic PNP driver. Sometimes that is fine and sometimes not.

Good Luck!



I don't let my computer sleep or hibernate. It's always on, just using a screensaver.

The monitors themselves just go off after a period of inactivity.


You actually jogged something in my brain. I decided to turn off the power saver mode on the monitors themselves.

Let's see what happens.


Turn off 'fast startup" in advanced power options.

Windows 10 Fast Startup could be detrimental to your computer

Not really sure what that has to do with my issue.

I don't have problems on startup.


"start up" "wake up" ?

All it takes is unchecking a box and restarting your computer. If it doesn't help, put the check mark back in the box. What do you have to lose?

Did you read the article?.

There's certainly no harm. I actually did turn it off.

But this issue isn't related because my computer doesn't sleep either.


"Enabled by default on most clean installations of Windows 10, Fast Startup essentially hibernates the Windows kernel and loaded drivers to help slash startup times."

Is your computer power plan set to 'Performance' and not some power saving plan like 'Balanced' ?

Did your monitor have a power saving setting?

Have you checked your Power setting 'advanced' settings?

Yes, I had it all set to always on.

As mentioned above, you reminded me to turn off the power saver on the monitors themselves so we'll see what happens now.

Thanks for all the help.