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My Install Steps For Crimson

    Hello Everyone,

   I seen that AMD has a new Crimson Update so I thought I would take the time to share my install with the rest of the community. The steps I am about to share are what I have always used and have to say I have never had an issue with the install.

   I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit OS, fully updated in Windows updates, .NetFrameWork, etc.

Well here We Go,  ( If after reading these steps if anyone feels uncomfortable I suggest not to do the following steps, all I can say is, these are the steps that I do and haven't had an issue, so only you, the person who reads this can decide if you want to do them or not )


Step 1:  Download Crimson from AMD, Latest is 16.7.1 , 7/7/2016 to desktop


Step 2:  Goto Control Panel, Programs and Features and click on AMD install manager and follow the prompts. When the windows pops up choose " Restart Later " go to desktop.


Step 3:  At your desktop click your windows icon, choose computer, in your upper left corner of the page click organize, in the next window click your view tab and  the folder and search options, then the view tab, and click/highlight the show hidden files folders and drives button.  Apply and ok. Click on your C: drive.


Step 4:  Delete AMD folder(s), Then go into your Program Files x(86) delete AMD if any and VulcanRT folder, afterwards go back to the organize tab you were in earlier and put the Hide Hidden folders and drives back to default. Go to desktop and empty recycle bin.


***** NOTE *****

Next step(s) deal with registry so if not comfortable with it then don't go poking around in there, however if you just do the folders I suggest you shouldn't have any problem, I am no computer Wiz and haven't had an issue yet, but I don't go looking for trouble.


Step 5:  At your desktop click the windows start icon and type " Regedit " in the search bar and click enter, this opens the registry window,

****** Only Deal With The Folders Mentioned ******

Hkey Current User, Software, Delete Amd folder you find there

Hkey Local Machine, Software, Delete ATI Technologies, then down at the bottom you will also see a Wow6432Node folder, delete AMD,ATI technologies folders.

In the upper left of page click file tab and exit, back to desktop.


Step 6:  You are now ready to run DDU ( Display Driver Uninstaller ), make sure your launch option in the pull-down menu is " Reboot SafeMode ". Clean and Restart for AMD.


Step7:  Ater the restart I use CCleaner to remove possible left-overs as well, you can also re-check your programs and features in control panel and make sure there are no AMD/ATI, things left. This includes The VulkanRT as well.


***** Almost Home ******   REBOOT

Before installing the new Crimson make sure you have no Anti-Virus, firewall, or any security running for the time being, when your ready begin the install, when the list off items to be installed comes up un-check Gaming Evolved if you don't need it. Follow the prompts to complete the install process, when complete and if you so desire un-check " Download Latest Drivers "

Reboot when needed and your done. And that concludes My Steps I have always used when installing the new Crimson when it comes out, I personally have never had an issue. Also remeber to turn your security back on.


Take Care & Happy Computing....

Sincerely, Ambrose

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