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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Mouse / Cursor Lagging or Freezing

Ever since I installed Windows 10 Pro my "mouse" and "cursor" experience a lagging or a freezing when I drag the mouse across the screen it will "stop" and then eventually catch up to my movements. I temporarily fixed this by disabling the adapter on my laptop, after which i was not able to use all the windows 10 functions (like comfortview / nighttime lighting, etc.), but I did not care as I was using the laptop for work and did not need anything special about Windows 10 graphics.

I then wanted to set up a two monitor display with my laptop as the "computer" and in order to get the both screens to work I had to re-enable the adapter Now I have to leave the adapter enabled to be able to use the dual monitors and the lag is back. Very frustrating, and I do not know much but I did update the drivers and it does not give me the option to roll back for that particular adapter. I am not at all literate on adapters, video graphics, etc.

I am running one HDMI cable through a universal docking station that i just bought to make sure I could hook up two monitors in extended mode. One HDMI from one monitor goes to the docking station, the other monitor HDMI goes directly to laptop. I bought a VGA to DVI cable because the docking station also has a DVI input, and I tried to hook one monitor VGA to that DVI port, and as I said the other monitor is HDMI to HDMI (monitor to laptop) and finally the docking station is hooked up to the computer with usb 3.0 docking station to my laptop but that does not seem to have worked either.

would love to be able to fix this.

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