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Journeyman III

Microsoft games - severe framedrops after 22.8.2

Hello y'all, I've got a rather decent PC with I9-10850k, 6900XT TUF and 32GB ram; despite the specs and me having 0 lag in any games, since downloading the 22.8.2 patch from AMD microsoft titles such as MSFS 2020 and Age of empires 3: DE has started lagging.


What happens is that the second i start the application is that the game starts getting frame drops, it stays around 0.5FPS to 1 fps approx. Even when tabbed out of the game the frames stay constant around 1. When closing the game the fps goes back up to standard 144hz. I checked the logbook but could not manage to find anything helpful. 

I tried reinstalling the games and i've restarted the PC. 

Every other game works smooth as butter and I could use some help to get this sorted out. 

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