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Journeyman III

low CPU and GPU usage on Minecraft

I play Minecraft a lot (maybe too much) and I get an average of 300fps which is pretty good but obviously, I want MOREEEEE, otherwise, I wouldn't be here. Over the course of my thousands of hours playing Minecraft, I have noticed that my GPU and CPU usage float around 20%. I have tried making a forum post of Tom's Hardware but those guys just screw around so I came here! I would like to get around 80%-90% usage on my GPU. Please help out!


CPU Ryzen 3700x
GPU Radeon 5700xt (red devil)
RAM Trident Z Neo16GB 3600mhz CL18 

MBD: Asus B450F Gaming

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Journeyman III

Re: low CPU and GPU usage on Minecraft

edit: I get around 80% usage on other games and in my testing on unigine engine heaven, I max out at 99%